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Biz Dev - Joint Statement by Bitcart and Dash Core Group


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Yesterday both Bitcart and Dash Core Group have had a long due meeting. Attendants were Graham de Barra and Darren Dineen for Bitcart, and Ryan Taylor and Fernando Gutierrez for Dash Core Group.

Dash Core Group has been and remains available to meet to understand Bitcart's needs and the potential benefits to the Dash network, and to resolve any issues to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement. We are all committed to keep trying to work together for the good of Dash. We lament that things have escalated so fast and we will work our differences talking directly with each other.

We both agree that there have been problems in communication among us. They started with Daniel Diaz departure and then grew worse due to both parties busy schedule. We all could have done better in that front, both over the internet and in person in the events where we’ve been together.

Bitcart acknowledges that the existing Memorandum of Understanding has been honored by Dash Core Group and there are no outstanding amounts to be paid. There were talks about more future support through the business development budget, but they were never specified or quantified. Additional funding would intend to bring the bitcart service up to a standard that would allow it compete with the likes of Purse.io and keep exclusivity for Dash. Doing that was part of the meetings and conversations that never happened due to communication problems. Bitcart assuming there were outstanding obligations was a overextension caused by their willingness to keep developing their project and the pressure under which they were operating.

We will meet again in a few days to work on next steps for Bitcart to keep doing amazing things with Dash