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Bibox - This Exchange pays dividend to users - Trade without verification

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Bibox is an excellent exchange. For now is underestimated in world of cryptocurrencies. This is probably caused by a long lasting bear market.

Platform takes place in the top 10 by volume size. This is serious player:


Bibox has many advantages:

  • It is registered in Estonia. This country has a liberal policy in field of cryptocurrencies.
  • Not require verification. Withdrawal 2 BTC/day without verification.
  • Enable margin trading.
  • Low commissions 0.1%.
  • Large number of cryptocurrencies
  • High liquidity of trade.

My link: https://www.bibox.com/exchange

Clean link: https://www.bibox.com/

If you express willingness to register from my link, I will receive commission. You also have clean link next to it. Thank you all for registration :)

How to receive a dividend?

30% of transaction fees are allocated for dividend payments.

Bibox emits its own token (BIX). Buy it on exchange. In panel, find function of blocking tokens and activate it.

Blue guy in the upper right menu corner > BIX Incentive Reward

Dividend is paid out every friday. Its amount depends on number of blocked tokens.

The exact description of Bibox can be found on my blog. It's Polish, but you can use Google translator. I invite you:


Bibox is a really good cryptocurrency exchange. It has many interesting options and improvements are constantly being introduced.

It is worth creating an account here not only because of the dividend. If you do this you will have access to many coins unavailable elsewhere.

Bibox platform pays out profits regularly like cloc kwork. Every Friday, a few minutes after 17:00.

Profit is transferred in ETH. Amount is immediately available. You can sell or transfer on your own wallet.
In addition to possibility of passive profit through a dividend, BIX token has great speculative possibilities. Its price is undervalued.

At the time of writing this topic, BIX course was 35 satoshi, now it is 55 satoshi. About 50% of profit.

End of bear market is around the corner. They will fire coins that have a fundamental base, and companies behind them are profitable.

Exactly like BIX.
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