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best processor for merchants?

John C-Fair

New member
When considering merchant payment processing, which software is the best for easy adoption and could the regular old dash wallet be used just as well?
Hi there! Do you mean a physical store, or an online merchant? It's fine to use a standard mobile wallet to receive Dash at a physical location, but something a little more sophisticated might be necessary to track individual customer invoices. Anypay is a good basic choice if you are using a simple phone or tablet at the point of sale. Check out the merchants section of the documentation here: https://docs.dash.org/en/latest/merchants/getting-started.html
Thanks for the link and for the reply strophy.

I'm trying to onboard local art galleries and collectives in the city of Atlanta,GA to accepting Dash as payment.

Anypay looks like the more sophisticated option but I'm glad to know the regular Dash wallet will suffice.