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Best Peer-to-Peer Loans of of September 2022


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Making Crypto Loans with DASH: What You Need to Know
This best peer-to-peer lending platforms offer low rates, have a simple process and no credit score check.

Invest in global peer-to-peer (P2P) lending with 80+ cryptocurrencies.

One of the big appeals of crypto is the opportunity to take power away from the banks and big financial institutions to you - the customer. In the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion of innovation, reducing the cost and hassle of many financial processes. The ability to easily and cheaply move money across borders and different platforms has never been greater than before.

This innovation extends to the field of crypto lending. Several platforms allow you to borrow currency - both fiat and crypto - by using your crypto assets as collateral. And MyConstant is regarded as one of the market leaders.

Introducing MyConstant
Founded in 2019, MyConstant began to quickly realize there was a demand for a way to use the value of crypto assets without having to sell them.

The answer was crypto-backed peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.

For us, it fulfilled two key goals:

A new way to invest: At the other end of the process, crypto lending offers new investment opportunities and an alternative to more conventional methods. Today, lenders can earn up to 15% APY on the MyConstant platform - which beats any savings account.
Provide liquidity for crypto assets: If you have cryptocurrency, the chances are you’re holding on to them (HODL) as an investment, hoping it would go up in value. But this means your assets are locked in - until you’re ready to sell. A crypto loan helps you circumvent this issue by using your crypto as collateral in exchange for USD or other cryptocurrencies.

In this post, we’ll focus on the borrowing side, specifically MyConstant’s Crypto Loan product.

Crypto Loans with MyConstant
As a community-driven platform, it has crypto loans as user-friendly as possible so you can maximize your crypto assets. Starting at 0% APR for first-time users, you can take advantage of lower interest rates, no credit checks, and greater flexibility with your loans.

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Borrow against 80+ cryptocurrencies in minutes from just 0% APR.

Instead of credit checks, we simply ask you to provide collateral in your selected cryptocurrency. You can make up this collateral with one or multiple cryptocurrencies. The total amount needs to add up to 150% of the value of your loan to gain funds.

While there’s a 0% APR trial for your first 30-day loan, the standard rates are as follows:

◉ 30 days term: 6% APR
◉ 90 days term: 7% APR
◉ 180 days term: 8% APR

There’s also a matching fee with each individual loan. This is set at 3.5% of the loan value.
You can use 80+ cryptocurrencies as collateral, putting MyConstant ahead of its competitors like BlockFi and Nexo. And that’s not all.

You can enjoy even better rates by staking MyConstant’s native token - MCT. The MyConstant membership program offers exciting rewards, including lower borrowing rates. You can take a loan at just 3.6% APR at the highest tier, Diamond membership.

There are a host of other benefits you could enjoy with MyConstant.

Benefits of borrowing with MyConstant
With other platforms out there, you’ll be asking yourself what’s so special about MyConstant? In this section, we’ll go through some of the key benefits:

Free 0% APR trial: First-time users can get an exclusive 30-day loan at 0% APR.
No early repayment penalty: If you can repay your loan before the end of your term, you can. There’s no fee for early repayment, unlike other platforms.
Flexible terms: You decide on the term length with three options: 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days - with rates of 6%, 7%, or 8%, respectively. And don’t forget, you can end the term earlier with no extra fee.
Receive your funds in minutes: Once you pass your KYC and make the loan, you will receive your funds within minutes. No hanging around.
Free USD withdrawals: There’s no fee for withdrawing your loan to your bank account from MyConstant.
Auto top-up feature: When making the loan, you have the option to automatically top up your collateral at times of market volatility. Just make sure you have the funds available in your MyConstant account.
Premium service for $1m+ loans: The platform offers a personal and customized service for large borrowers, including institutions and companies.
100m fund to protect against losses: In the unlikely event of any funds being lost due to security issues or theft, MyConstant has a $100m fund available for compensation.

In a nutshell, MyConstant offers affordable, flexible loans without needing credit checks. There’s no upper limit either, and you can get loans starting at $50.

MyConstant Oracle
As part of its plan to become a new bank for digital assets, MyConstant developed its own Oracle. It’s designed to support the platform’s digital asset management, with five components:

Asset management distribution: The Oracle helps MyConstant manage assets and collateral in both cold and hot wallets. Depending on the liquidity of its native token, MCT and the overall state of the market, the platform will distribute the assets in cold and hot wallets accordingly.
Data analytics prediction model: Another element of the Oracle is a customized model which accurately predicts customer behavior to determine the distribution between hot and cold storage for greater efficiency.
Wallet management: To make it more convenient for customers, MyConstant integrate different blockchains to accept deposits DASH from multiple chains. This feature also allows customers to keep track of their assets and swap between them instantly.
Real-time assets monitoring: The platform monitors asset value from multiple sources in both decentralized and centralized exchanges to determine liquidation points, limits on loans, and so on.
Automatic notifications: The system informs customers of changes to the platform and makes sure they are aware of their transactions on MyConstant.
The purpose of the MyConstant Oracle is to manage the risks as much as possible, while maximizing the value of your assets.

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Deposit DASH and get an instant multi-collateral credit line from just 0% APR. Top-up DASH automatically when markets fall.

What Can You Do with the Loans?
Unlike a bank, MyConstant doesn’t ask what you intend to do with the loan. That’s up to you - though we always recommend you have a clear goal for your personal or financial advancement. Here are some of the best ways you can utilize your loan from MyConstant:

Purchase more crypto
In a Bear market, it could be a good opportunity to diversify your crypto assets. For example, if you have BTC, and you feel another cryptocurrency like ADA could fly, you can unlock the value of your BTC to purchase ADA - without selling any of your crypto assets.

Diversify your investments
One of the golden rules of finance is to have a diversified investment portfolio. It’s the best way to hedge against market volatility and ensure a healthy return in the longer term. You could invest in stocks, funds, or other startups.

Invest in your business
If your business needs a quick, flexible loan to help with cash flow or additional investment, then MyConstant could be your answer. The accessibility to cash can prove to be invaluable as you seek to grow your business.

Invest in yourself
Even if you don’t have a business and simply want to improve yourself and your career, then a loan can help. For instance, you could take the opportunity to pursue a professional qualification or course to expand your knowledge and skills.

Home improvement
A common use of loans is to renovate and improve your own home. Want to get that new kitchen? Need a new bathroom? You could take a loan to pay off the large upfront costs and pay back to MyConstant in more affordable installments.

How to Get Started with MyConstant
If you haven’t already, the first step is to sign up with MyConstant. You’ll need to complete the “know-your-customer” (KYC) check as part of the sign-up process. Make sure to have your ID, proof of address, and card details ready. Allow yourself a few minutes to complete - and while most of you will pass KYC within hours.

Once that’s out of the way, you’ll need to make sure you deposit DASH as collaterals that will let you to borrow on MyConstant.

Trade your USD loan for more DASH at the best prices without exchanges or trading fees.

When you make your first request, you’ll be taken to the page above - which shows you the amount you need to deposit DASH as collateral and how to do it.

Once you complete that step, you can confirm the loan and the funds will be with you in minutes.

Auto top-up
The auto top-up feature allows you to automatically top up your collateral at times of market volatility. This would kick in once your collateral falls to within 110% of your loan value. The system would push this collateral up to 125% - if you have the funds available on the platform. You will be notified by email when this happens.

Without an auto top-up, you risk of losing your loan and collateral. You will receive email notifications once your collateral falls to within 120%, but at times of market volatility - it could be a wise move to switch this feature on.

Paying back the loan
As set out before, you can pay back the loan any time before the term ends, and you will not receive any penalty. However, since the platform still needs to pay investors - you will still be expected to pay the full interest due.

Use MyConstant to Achieve Financial Freedom
During these turbulent times in the crypto market, MyConstant offers a path for you to make financial gains whatever the market does. If you’re outside the US, you can take full advantage of the platform’s short-selling and __Futures__products, where you can profit from predicting the market.

It’s important to note that these are regarded as high-risk products, and you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

For the less risk-tolerant of you, you can __lend your USDT or UDSC __to earn up to 12.5% APY (15% with Diamond membership), which is compounded every second. You can withdraw your crypto investments at any time. The closest you’ll get to a crypto savings account.

Few platforms can offer such a variety of borrowing and investment products with such a high level of flexibility as MyConstant. If you want to make your crypto assets work harder and boost your financial freedom - there’s no better place to start.

Social Media Handles

◉ Twitter: @myconstantp2p
◉ Facebook: @myconstantp2p
◉ Telegram: @myconstantp2p

Borrow now at 0% APR for your first order of a 30-day term!
Just an FYI, the OP links to the site with his referral code, so he makes money if anyone signs up. The OP created this account yesterday and spammed the forum to create enough cred to finally make this post, the account and all posts should be deleted IMO.

Just an FYI, the OP links to the site with his referral code, so he makes money if anyone signs up. The OP created this account yesterday and spammed the forum to create enough cred to finally make this post, the account and all posts should be deleted IMO.

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The OP is a DCG partner, he got snagged in the Forum spam filters. I straightened it out with him last night.
I'm the one who told him in private email communication that he would need to comment on 3 other posts
to get his links up, he is NOT a spammer.
Just an FYI, the OP links to the site with his referral code, so he makes money if anyone signs up. The OP created this account yesterday and spammed the forum to create enough cred to finally make this post, the account and all posts should be deleted IMO.

View attachment 11328
Hello guys, I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the links; I should remove them now. But please feel free to still comment if you need any assistance from my side; the core thing is we want to add more value to DASH hodlers and cryptos as much as we can.
Such apps have always been just a money and time waste. To tell the truce, the only one with an income from such a system is the developer and owner. And as for me, nobody else does. It is extremely hard to make money on nothing, just lending something.

Gm KateshiBlack, I'm very sorry to hear that you feel this way about our app. MyConstant is designed to help people earn profit on their crypto holdings. I'd be delighted to assist you personally and walk you through our app to ensure you meet your financial goals.

I hope that you'll give us another chance and that you'll see the value our app provides. Love to hear more from you.