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WTS Baikal A900 X11 Dash Miner for sale (Canada)

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Agree 100% with you! I really cant understand why nobody moderates.

This is way out of hand. I paid this guy (JasonHan) in mai for one Giant and he still hasn't refund me or gave me a miner.
He is telling everyone he is in Korea and won't answer his phone. Even if it rings.

Big warning to everyone dealing with him.

I'm wondering how can Dash community help us deal with a guy that was using your own Dash forums? Would you pay us back some of our loss?

Anyways do not buy anything from Him! I got totally Scammed.

That he was and maybe still is a scammer
Kind reminder if anybody wants Baikal Giant A900 - i'm selling them and have all ready to be shipped within 2 days. No problem to verify confirm with anybody that want to buy.
PM for more info.
Not open for further replies.