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Austin Meetup / DASH Stats / 2x Videos on EverydayCrypto

Matt Robertson

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This is a modest 3 part proposal as my first proposal. I've been in the crypto space since 2011 and I want to become more active in the DASH community. The goal is for myself to become familiar with the process and for the masternode operators to meet me through this proposal. I have much bigger ideas I plan on submitting in the future after this is successful.

Austin Meetup
The Austin area is prime for additional investment. The great work that Danny and Chris have done on the crypto show means that many people in the Austin area have heard of Dash and are ready to take the next step. DASH will have greater returns by initially investing heavily in selective areas rather than spread out all over. The perfect place for that is the Austin area. It also has a high concentration of tech business and entrepreneurs. This is why I am asking for funding for the Dash Meetup to continue to be successful. We have already had our first meeting :

https://www.everydaycrypto.com/?p=131 (sorry the video cut out half way through)

And our second meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday:


We are targeting existing crypto people and business owners with our invitations. The format is a two part meeting with the first part geared toward first timers and the second part a more technical in depth part.

Please fund this to help make sure the Dash Austin meetup is impactful! This funding will pay for the costs of Meetup.com , snacks for the meetings (people will buy their own drinks), and my time for preparation, reaching out and connecting to business owners, and time for content creation for the meetings.

Dash Stats:
The website http://statoshi.info/ provides very detailed stats for Bitcoin that is invaluable to the developers. As we work on scaling DASH to 1GB blocks we will needs stats to help direct investment, monitor the network etc.

I have already started the initial work:
Website: http://dash-stats.everydaycrypto.com/dashboard/db/memory-pool?orgId=1
code: https://github.com/sile16/dash-stats

I would like to secure funding for the cost of hosting and my time for continued development. This funding will secure the hosting costs and pay for the continued development for Dash specific stats.

2x Videos on Everyday Crypto
First I will make a video based on the Dash conference in London and post to my blog. I have already purchased my airfare and tickets to the event and is not a part of the funds I'm requesting here. Will publish two weeks after the conference or sooner.

Second, I will produce a detailed technical video on the innards of InstantSend. Similar in detail to the one I did for the Airbitz encryption schemes, however, with funding I can spend more time a put a much higher production quality to it. Plan to publish prior to the Texas Bitcoin conference. Ideally, I'd like to present this talk in person at the Texas bitcoin conference if possible.

This video was just done in 1 take, example of technical detail:

The goal is make it detailed enough even fluffy pony will have to admit it's solid technology.

Communication will be on the proposal thread on dash.org. I will respond to questions and updates needed there ad hoc, mainly around the dash-stats project as the meetup.com and the blog everydaycrypto will provide status and updates on their activities on their sites respectively.

Any additional funds if available because of the price of dash, will be re-invested into the Meetup part of the proposal, going towards funding the initial $20 we give to new attendees and food for the event or other marketing materials such as banners, t-shirts, etc.

Dash @ $280
Dollars Dash Austin Meetup Funding
$400 Đ1.43 Food - Snacks
$500 Đ1.79 Dash Giveaway for 1st timers (25 @ $20)
$300 Đ1.07 Projector
$1,000 Đ3.57 . My time and effort for 2x Meetups (~20Hours)
$180 Đ0.64 Meetup.com costs for 1 Year

2x Videos on EverydayCrypto.com
$2,000 Đ7.14 London Dash Conference
$2,000 Đ7.14 Instant Send Detailed Technical video

$360 Đ1.29 Hosting Cost for 1 year
$800 Đ2.86 Development Cost already completed
$3,000 Đ10.71 Continued addition of Dash specific stats

Đ5.00 Proposal Reimbursement
$10,540.00 Đ42.64

Round up to Đ43


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Cross Post...

Interesting proposal, I can't vote for it this time at this price but would be willing to with a few changes....

"$500 Đ1.79 Dash Giveaway for 1st timers (25 @ $20)"
This is way too much to give away. If you are already giving free food then $5 is plenty.

"$1000 Đ3.57 My time and effort for 2x Meetups (~20Hours)"
This is also excessive compared to what others are getting. Even half that would be pushing it unless it is a huge event 50+ people.

"Video Blogs
$2000 Đ7.14 London Dash conference
$2000 Đ7.14 Instant Send Detailed Technical video "
This is very high too. It could be worth it but the only thing to judge by is the other video you posted, the production quality is too low for that kind of money.

"$800 Đ2.86 Development Cost already completed
$3000 Đ10.71 Continued addition of Dash specific stats"
Not sure if the $800 is worth it as the site is not working for me. I know other people host some very cool stats sites for free so not sure if it is worth what you are asking?
$3000 is too much IMO. I can't see the site now but I can't imagine anything would change my mind after seeing the satoshi site.

I see you added a pre proposal today but it looks like this is supposed to pay out in a few days at the start of the next cycle? We usually encourage (new) people/first time proposal owners to start pre-proposals a few weeks before they submit their proposal so the things like I mentioned above can be corrected and you don't lose money.
If you correct those things mentioned above and listen to what others say I would be willing to vote for this proposal at least one time to see how you do. If this proposal was for half what it is I would consider voting for it but other things would need to be added and some things corrected.

In the meantime feel free to participate in the Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Program if this does not pass.
(cross post reply)

Thank you for the feedback! Hopefully I will be able to earn your vote on a future proposal.

I did want to respond to your concerns for for others who are considering:

It would cost an additional 10 Dash to break into separate proposals, and for a small request I thought it would be better to combine them to avoid wasting an additional 10 Dash from the budget.

In regards to the $20 for new attendees. In the Austin area $20, in my opinion is what you need to make people care about it. You give them $5 or even $10 and they won't ever think about it again, you might as well not give anything away at all. We are targeting business folks who are used to getting free meals and swag just by showing up and listening. We need to attract business people who can make a substantial impact on DASH growth and there is a cost to do that.

As for the videos, yes, I agree production quality is low on my existing videos because I do them in my spare time and receive no compensation. I typically do them in one take as I don't have the time to edit them. The content of my videos are good and as I mentioned in the proposal, if I receive funds the production quality will be much higher. I'm already spending quite a bit of my own money about $3000 just to travel and attend the conference in the first place and have spent quite a few hours researching Instant Send and have several conversations with the lead developer UDJINM6 on specific edge cases and definitely want to be able to put this in a nice package for our community so they can respond when people doubt the technology behind InstantSend.

The next meetup will have about 40 people in attendance, there are quite a few people on the business side that do not RSVP through meetup.com so the numbers will be higher than what you see on the site.


I would be interested to understand why you see this as excessive compared to what others are getting. Again, thank you for the feedback.

As far as the statoshi site, is there another place where you can monitor UTXO growth and specific function timings already for DASH clients? If so there really would not be a need for me to reproduce it. However, I have not been able to find such a resource, which is why I started the work to build it for DASH. This really is focused on going beyond block sizes and fees and more on what developers need to see the timings on specific function blocks and even diagnose a DDOS if it were to occur on the network.

Thank you again for the feedback.


I can confirm that we talked about some edge cases of InstantSend and that this discussion was pretty helpful.
I also like the idea to run statoshi-like site - funny enough I was thinking about the same not so long ago. There are some sites we use for monitoring stats but they rely on rpc + system stats rather than on internals and that is not enough sometimes. However, I'd rather incorporate it into our code instead of relying on a separate repo - this way we would have this tool available for monitoring out of the box if needed and be sure it's up to date. But I'd probably do this in later releases of 12.2 (like 12.2.1/2/3/whatever) or 12.3.
Can't say much about video and meetup but I'd rather give it a chance :)