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***Attention: Pre-Proposals Moved to Dash Nexus***

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With the recent launch of Dash's new governance platform, Dash Nexus, the creation of Pre-Proposals has been reimagined from the ground up in to the creation of "Concepts," which serve as the rough draft for what could eventually become a full proposal submitted to the treasury. Unlike the informal Pre-Proposals of the past, Concepts utilize the same structures, utilities, and features that Full Proposals do, the only difference being whether or not you ultimately pay the 5 Dash fee for submission.

The goal in moving the Pre-Proposal stage to the Concept format is to get Proposal Owners thinking more specifically about how to flesh out their ideas in a way that will enable them to eventually become successful Full Proposals that are likely to receive funding and maximize value for the Dash network.

If you're interested in submitting a Concept to the community for discussion, review, or to gauge interest, head over to https://dashnexus.org/proposals/concepts and check out some of the Concepts other people have created. When you've got a feel for how Concepts work and you want to create your own, create an account and click the "Create A Proposal" button in the top right corner. There you'll be able to be as in-depth or informal as you want, including graphics, budgets, and timelines.

Once created, your Concept will be eligible to be reviewed, assessed, and discussed by other members of the community. If you reach the point where you feel confident enough to launch your Concept as a Full Proposal and enter the Dash Treasury Voting Cycle, you can do so directly from the Proposal Creator on Dash Nexus in a few easy steps; no more having to enter complex codes in to the command prompt. Dash Nexus makes it easy for anyone to create a Concept and submit a Full Proposal when the time comes.

If you have any questions about Dash Nexus or Concepts, please contact @jeffh or @yuribear
Is it really working? Roadmap and FAQ in the footer lead to nowhere.

Also, there's not possible to submit a concept w/o a photo?
Hello guys! @jeffh and @yuribear!

I got some questions about the shift between pre-proposals and Concepts.

Can i still publish a pre-proposal in the forum to get reviews from people in the community that do not use Dash Nexus?

How do i have guarantee that my idea is not being developed by someone else or someone steal my idea?

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