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Antminer D3- what to do?

I purchased a antminer d3 for $8500 last week. It got held up in shipping and didn't arrive until today.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? Hope for the best with the higher difficulty or sell asap?
Do what I will do after I just received mine 2 days ago (I paid 2400). Mine will be on ebay tomorrow, and Please everyone, go Litecoin, I went with this d3 just because I have to wait till December for my 2 L3+ that are coming.

So, sell the machine, Get L3+ for your heating, and Eating needs. Or If you believe in this (Mine another X11like CANN)! And wait for Dash to get itself straight.

On second thought I will mine CANN, and/ or ADZ, and await the difficulty level of DASH to drop.

In my deepest thoughts and wisdom I think:

Mr. Dash (was in the dark, and is now making a dash) is Either:

*enjoying his riches and could care less about the coin anymore? He is performing a pump and dump right mow, and we (Owners of D3's) are all screwed!


*the fact that the mining performed at the beginning gave out way too many coins; This to be made up somewhere, and it will even out eventually. (what if everyone stopped mining, as many have, Is dash done for? So something has to happen..

As for me, I got my miner a couple days ago.

I hooked mine up to treasurequarry and I get 0.0008 Every 2-4 hours. I think I am the only antminer there, so come Join me till the L3's come!

Hope this helps.