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P2Pool [ANN][P2POOL][STRATUM] South-eastern european p2pool node (Sofia, Bulgaria)


Darkcoin P2Pool Hosted in SE Europe, Sofia, Bulgaria
* format of the announcement copied from scorpio18's announcement because it is very clear and well written.

address: stratum+tcp://drk.kopame.com:7903 (or http://drk.kopame.com:7903)
Username: Your Darkcoin wallet address
Passoword: Does not matter, anything!

Status p2pool:

P2pool node List


Node fee: 0.4% fee (will become 0.8% next Tuesday, 2014.07.01), 0.05% donation.

How to connect
First of all NO registration required. Payouts occur automatically as new blocks are found.

All you need to mine here is a Darkcoin address. Setup your mining software with these parameters:

SERVER: stratum+tcp://drk.kopame.com (or http://drk.kopame.com)
PORT: 7903
USERNAME: Your Darkcoin wallet address

DO NOT use an exchange deposit address as a username as it may not receive payments correctly. Use an address from a wallet you own!

For more details, such as example commands for cpuminer, ccminer and sgminer, share difficulty adjustment and calculation tutorial, please refer to this excellent post by scorpio18 (his/her p2pool node announcement).

For your information and to be completely honest, my p2pool node has an issue with a memory leak, which leads to a restart of the p2pool node software once in a while (like once every two-three days), as described here. This should affect miners minimally, by increasing the DOA rate for a minute or so.
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I'm running the most current version of the p2pool-drk. It seems it works as it should and doesn't show invalid blocks (though it shows no found blocks at all, but this is normal given the hard fork) like some other p2pool nodes at the moment.

I'll update the thread when I have more information.

EDIT: Clarification.