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P2Pool [ANN][P2Pool][DRK] Dig Some Darks Pool | Low 0.3% Fee!!


New member
Dig Some Darks welcomes new miners.
We glad to present you our small but proud pool

You can connect to our pool by pointing your mining software to mine.digsomedarks.cf:7903 and setting your Darkcoin address as username (password is not required)

So why should you use this pool?
This is the hard question, but I'll try to answer.
1st) Our pool is placed in a big and stable datacenter. That means stability for all of miners.
2nd) P2Pool protecting the coin from 51% attacks.
3rd) P2Pool is DDOS protected.
4th) Low 0.3% fee

We love darkcoin. Join us at mine.digsomedarks.cf:7903 to make darkcoin community bigger.​