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- CoinJanitor is a community-driven project that aims to unlock value trapped in failed coins.

- With more than 4,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation, and only about 1,500 available on major exchanges, there are thousands of coins that are holding value up in a way that cannot be transferred into the markets.

- Many of these projects have failed to achieve their goals or have failed to achieve the network effect they needed to thrive. CoinJanitor will offer users, creators and community members who have trapped value in those projects, a way to transfer their value out of those blockchains.

ICO START DATE: 1 May 2018 - 31 May 2018.



Website: https://www.coinjanitor.io
Telegram: https://t.me/CoinJanitor
Whitepaper: https://www.coinjanitor.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/CoinJanitor-White-Paper-v4.5.pdf
Onepager: https://www.coinjanitor.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/CoinJanitor-Two-Pager-Landscape-Light-v3.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinJanitor
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/CoinJanitor-201490483964845/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkaiV83H3gHy5DomxoZvGA


When a coin is launched, its creators and community work diligently to make it succeed. They seek to differentiate their coin to find a niche in the market, gather the greatest network they can behind them and implement the concept that makes them unique. Nevertheless, creators and communities fail to achieve their goal often. After trying for a period of time, those coins fail to get traction and their users, communities and creators are left holding coins that can't be used to purchase goods or services, and in many cases, coins that they simply cannot transact with at all because their blockchains have been abandoned.

Despite the failure of the coin, the code behind it, all the data that is related to it, its marketing assets, and more importantly, its community, still hold value. Until now, we have relegated that value to oblivion, discarding those coins, labeling them dead because they cannot be traded and their prices are negligible. But what if we could find a way to rescue the value in them and put all those communities together under a single coin? Maybe then we would be able to achieve the network effect that each of those coins failed to achieve individually, allowing the markets to enjoy the value behind their assets. That is what CoinJanitor aims to do through the amalgamation of these communities and the use of their assets. Here is how we will achieve our goal:


Trapped Value?

We speak about trapped value in failed coins because people have invested time, money, computing power and other resources in these projects. That investment did not achieve the desired goals, but it still created a community that was united in its pursuit of a specific goal. Failure to achieve that goal does not eliminate the value in the project, although it diminishes it. When a project’s value is diminished beyond a certain point, the invisible hand of the market relegates the whole project to oblivion. As demand for those currencies drops, so does their price and the ability of their users to exchange them for more valuable coins at any exchange rate. This process effectively pushes both users and value out of the markets, trapping the value they have created in such a way that it cannot be transferred back into the markets.

How can CoinJanitor unlock and transfer that value back into the markets?

CoinJanitor will unlock that trapped value using economic forces and its primary tool: the CoinJanitor token. We will proceed to do that through 5 main steps:

1.) Mapping cryptocurrency markets to see where those failed coins are. We have come up with our own definition of what a failed coin looks like, taking various parameters into consideration. We define failed coins as follows: PoW coins – mainly – that were launched more than 2 years ago, are not traded on exchanges and have a market cap smaller than $50,000 USD.

2.) CoinJanitor will reach out to those coins that according to our mapping efforts, can be defined as failed coins. We will communicate with the creators and the communities of these projects to set up a buy-out program and have the creators turn over access to GutHub and other code repositories. The buy out program will have a deadline and will be done using the CoinJanitor token exclusively. This will prevent the emergence of pump and dump schemes, and other types of speculation. Using the CoinJanitor token will prevent the project from becoming a de-facto exchange service for coins that are otherwise not exchangeable.

3.) After the buy out program is implemented, CoinJanitor will proceed to eliminate – burn – all the coins it bought.

The next stage involves decommissioning blockchains belonging to the projects that had value trapped in them.

5.) CoinJanitor’s final stage in this process is to organize and release all the relevant code, GitHub repositories, data and other relevant pieces of information about these projects, to the public. Every piece of code will be turned into open source code, available for the community to build upon and use on other projects. Data will be organized and distilled into decision-making tools that will help community members in the future.​

CoinJanitor is a multi-stage project that will start with the transfer of value that is trapped in failed coins as its first stage. Our team will subsequently develop and deploy more tools based on the data we will process during our work to restore this trapped value to the markets.

What are the benefits of the CoinJanitor project?

This project will benefit CoinJanitor community members, cryptocurrency markets, users of failed coins and CoinJanitor creators in different ways:
•CoinJanitor community members will benefit from being part of a growing economy that amalgamates communities to achieve the network effect they couldn’t achieve on their own.
•Cryptocurrency markets will benefit from a reduction in market dilution and the possibility of having previously trapped value moving back in.
•Users of failed coins will have a way to transfer the value they had locked in a failed project and will join a project that will integrate them.
•CoinJanitor creators will benefit from creating an unprecedented project in the cryptocurrency space that will create value through amalgamating the communities of failed coins under a single umbrella.

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Dead coins have been a topic of discussion for a long time in the cryptocurrency space. Nevertheless, no one has taken any kind of action to recycle them or do anything else with them. This might have to do with the fact that blockchain experts and bitcoin enthusiasts cannot agree on a single definition for a dead coin. CoinJanitor, the world’s first, blockchain based, dead coin recycling platform, comes with a revolutionary solution to engage the blockchain community in this recycling process, helping the market deal with the dead coins in the best possible manner while it opens up the discussion about the definition of what a dead coin is.

read more here: http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/coinjanitor-revolutionary-recycling-solution/


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As a community project CoinJanitor aims to include as many people as possible which is why we’re accepting contributions in more than 40 different altcoins

CoinJanitor is now ready to accept contributions in over 40 cryptocurrencies thanks to its partnership with CoinGate and Neutron. The project, which had an initial set of 6 cryptocurrencies it was planning on accepting for its public sale, decided to reach out to CoinGate and the Neutron community to work out a deal that would help it become even more inclusive. Given that one of CoinJanitor’s main goals is to allow as wide an audience as possible to participate in its revolutionary project to clean up dead coins, these partnerships will allow it to deliver on that promise.

Find out more here: https://www.coinjanitor.io/news/coinjanitor-accepts-more-than-40-altcoins-2/


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An Active Telegram Group
Beyond membership numbers, CoinJanitor knows its message is reaching the people it engaged because there is more activity within its Telegram group as well. More people are asking questions about the project. From how to participate in the ICO to how does the project add value, CoinJanitor team members have been answering every question from their audience promptly and fully. They are also encouraging people to ask more questions, and the effort is paying off.
Join us on telegram today and see what all the hype is all about.


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CoinJanitor will pay users of dead coins for their useless coins, to bring them back into the market.

Cryptocurrency markets are full of coins that have failed. These coins are functionally dead and cannot be traded. The holders of these coins are stuck, and the value left in these blockchains is locked. CoinJanitor is the first and only project so far that can change this situation. The project will buy dead coins from the people who got stuck with them, allowing them to recover some of the value they have trapped in those coins. The buyouts, on the other hand, will bring all those dead coin assets – users, code, data, and marketing assets – under the CoinJanitor umbrella, where they will create a powerful network effect and serve to build new market analysis tools.


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Our CEO, @Marc Kenigsberg will be hosting a live AMA session at 16:00pm UK time.

To join the AMA, follow the link below and prepare some fun questions!



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Our CEO, @Marc Kenigsberg will be hosting a live AMA session at 16:00pm UK time. To join the AMA, follow the link below and prepare some fun questions!



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Our CEO, @Marc Kenigsberg will be hosting a live AMA session at 16:00pm UK time.

To join the AMA, follow the link below and prepare some fun questions!



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CoinJanitor, Forks, and Value to Investors!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ve probably heard of the term ‘fork’. Fork’s came to fame in 2017 with it sparking great controversy throughout the crypto community and actually dividing many into separate camps. Ethereum faced a philosophical dilemma in early 2017 proceeding the infamous DAO hack that parted 50 million dollars from their investors. The dilemma was simple: roll back the chain until before the hack occurred and go on as if nothing had happened or continue the (then) main Ethereum blockchain and uphold the tenet of immutability. Eventually, the decision was made to opt for the former choice, but at much contention and the cost of many members of the Ethereum community leaving; a sizable number of the old Ethereum community have kept the original chain operating to this day, called Ethereum Classic.


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As a result, CoinJanitor will be more effective and more efficient in its effort to clean up crypto. This 2-way conversation between users and CoinJanitor, facilitated by Deadcoins.com, will benefit users, who will be more involved in the cleanup process and will receive richer data in return. This relationship between CoinJanitor and Deadcoins.com will allow users and community members to:

  • Help contact the dead coins that CoinJanitor is targeting and get involved with the cleanup process directly
  • Give more suggestions about which coins should be cleaned up and the best way to design the buyoutprocess
  • Get all the information about CoinJanitor activities and data first hand.Deadcoins.com Will Benefit from CoinJanitor’s Clean up Process
Deadcoins.com and its community will play a crucial role in CoinJanitor’s cleaning efforts. In return, they will also benefit from the cleanup process, through their influence as a leading source of data, and thanks to the deployment of CoinJanitor’s custom-made tools. The team behind Deadcoins.com recognizes the benefits that CoinJanitor brings to the table, and how valuable they are for its users: “As the largest database of dead coins online, we are proud to assist CoinJanitor in choosing projects to be given a second chance.”



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Only 3 days left until the end of our Crowd Sale We would just like to thank all contributors as every single one of you will play an important role in cleaning up Cryptocurrency. It’s not too late to get involved, head over to our site to find out more.


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Our ICO is NOW CLOSED! We would like to thank the crypto community for your support. You have been a crucial part of our project and none of this would have been possible without you!
This is not the end of our journey but only the beginning. We have loads of exciting things in-store, so STAY TUNED!


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There are six different bounties our community members can complete to get rewarded, and more than 5 million JAN tokens will be allocated for them.