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Animated DASH Blockchain Visualizer


New member
Hey guys,

This is my pet project to visualize the DASH blockchain.


Here is a quick infographic timeline I made with it.


This was developed as a proof of concept to have some simple animation to show to the media as part of the demonstration of the Dash satellite proposal. Unfortunately I did not find much time to work more on it for the past 3 months and I still have a TODO list:
  1. create a GitHub repo
  2. integrate graphic design in alignment with Dash products/branding
  3. improve the transaction collapsing animation when there is a new block
Note that I'm aware of the very advanced DashRadar and I'd like to avoid any redundancy with this awesome project.

Of course I'm happy to hear about your ideas, feedback, bug report, anything you'd like to add to this TODO list. Also don't hesitate to ping if the site is down, it's a really small server and to run the visualizer I need to maintain a full node which is quite resource demanding. So sometimes it goes down.