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America's biggest remittance corridor changed its flag and its a massive opportunity for dash


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Mexico used to be one of the biggest remittance corridor in the Americas, venezuela has just taken over that. In the last 5 years or so some 8 million venezuelans have left the country owing for economic crisis and this number is increasing every day.

The really interesting info is not even this , venezuela is one of the few countries which has an artificial currency peg with dollar , which is much higher ( Bolivar per usd ) than the market rate, because of this when you send money through the official route like western union you get far lesser bolivar per usd, As a result people have been resorting to bitcoin heavily apparently as informed by our dear friend @javier ( javier is a venezuela resident who joined dash through getfreedash , he's been very supportive to me in giving various insights over current situation in venezuela , he also referred 100s of his friends to getfreedash. ).

so the way it works is people buy bitcoin using localbitcoins.com in USA send the bitcoin to their families and sell them through the same site to a local dealer who hands them over cash / account transfer etc, going through the official route would result in losing some 50-60% because of the inflated currency peg. But remember this, lately bitcoin fees have been very high because of which people have been struggling to use it a payment rail.

Dash can be the crypto that can not only takeover bitcoin's market in venezuela but expand it greatly, Getfreedash.com has been growingly at an astonishing rate with over 10,000 sign ups in last 10 days. Our plan is to sign up few 100 thousand users and dash should become the defacto crypto currency of venezuela.

let's use this opportunity wisely to not only help venezuelans but also help dash overtake bitcoin in venezuela and other countries.

Thanks a lot @javier for all your insights and help.

also refer this article for various other countries with artificial currency pegs
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@Dashmaximalist When do you plan to enable payments from 17-Feb onwards? I have many complainants complaining and I need an answer. Many talk about GetFreeDash becoming scam and no longer pay. How true is this?