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Amanda B Johnson/BitcoinUncensored

The ASIC resistance was by design, and with a 2 year expected resistance (which became the case). It was never advertised by the developers as ASIC proof. For that feature, go read up on Vertcoin.

The creation of X11 was done intentionally to repeat Bitcoin's history, so that interest in Dash would build gradually by enticing miners to mine with CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and finally, ASICs.

I would like to mine with cpu/gpu.
Obviously a dated concept, in the real world.
...and I'm at 18c/kwhr... lol

Perhaps one day I'll buy a dusty Gridseed miner and drive it with a Pi...

@rusty You might like to keep an eye on Zcash.

Okay !
I shall research it shortly !

At the moment, the dragon is awakening to a warm, rainy day after a busy night depositing a few eggs that cost the rest of us a few percent.
I rarely know, until I look, only to discover I'm in recovery mode. :-(

I am interested in speculation, for entertainment value, if nothing else... So I'll investigate zcash. Presently, I'm even poking a stick at the zombie DAO !
Cruel, I know... I'm a lesser person for doing so... twisted entertainment... like watching a horror movie from hollywood.