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Alternative to Kraken

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We have SEPA deposits which are free of charge from our side.
You can also claim your own IBAN from spectrocoin and we have a 24/7 support teams that are always willing and happy to help with any issue.
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Well, I was just about to try Kraken, but now I will think twice

Kraken has some interesting features i hear :

InstantSend support for withdrawels (hopefully they add InstantSend support for deposits too)
Security feature that locks out viewing sensitive information on your account, puts a time delayment on changes and you need to first personally approve new withdrawel crypto addresses / banking accounts through email
Fast SEPA withdrawels (i think they have a banking partner with access to a faster payments system) with very low fee
Good support through a ticket system
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Like any other exchange, Kraken has its pros and cons. Maybe it is not a perfect variant for the beginners, and yes, it has a poor mobile service, but it is pretty popular among crypto users. When I was looking for a good exchange, I was surprised how many of them I can use, so it was difficult to make the choice. But I was lucky to find a good source that provided me with the list of the most popular exchanges https://cryptolinks.com/cryptocurrency-exchange. I should say, it is much more convenient to compare them on one site. So, I've already tried Binance and stayed pleased with the result. But I'm going to check other exchanges, because I'm sure that this is the best way to understand which of them is good for me.
Thank you for useful resources!
Could you please add https://convert.alttopia.net/ and https://forum.alttopia.net/ to list?
Hi, I'm using Kraken to buy Bitcoin and then trading it for Dash. I'm highly unsatisfied with Kraken. They keep putting my deposits and withdrawals on hold for no valid reason, their customer support is (to put it mildly) unresponsive and the website itself is buggy.

What I like about them though is that I can deposit EUR via SEPA for zero fees and their 2. tier authorization doesn't require me to send an ID scan or proof of address.

Is there an alternative exchange with these properties that you use and would recommend? I also use Local Bitcoins but he premiums there are high compared to exchanges.

Exactly the same thing keeps happening to us. Hold after hold.
@dashinstant I'm also using their services and start using plastic card. I was just wondering about taxes. You pay with your Dash, but it's converted to EUR or USD before transaction. Do you think there is a requirement to pay taxes in your country similarly as you should do when you withdraw to your bank account?
I have also been using shapeshift.io for many exchanges you cannot make anywhere else for lack of trading pairs.
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