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All Things Open Conference Recap


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The All Things Open Conference was really impressive. This is only its fourth year and attendance was reported at 2,400.

The crowd was diverse. Front-end developers and designers, backend developers, infrastructure, management, and of course blockchain.

As a presenter in the blockchain track, I received a lot of attention. Everybody wanted to know more about crypto-currency so that gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about Dash. On Wednesday evening, there was a speaker and sponsor dinner. Whenever introductions were made, it was the blockchain speakers who got serious attention.

During most of my one-on-one conversations, the feature most people were interested in was InstantSend. Most people came to the correct conclusion on their own (viz. Dash is ideally placed to compete with credit card transactions). For people who don’t live and breath crypto, they were shocked to learn that bitcoin takes (a theoretical) 10 minutes to secure a transaction. Their response was usually something along the lines of “how does bitcoin expect to attract merchants?”

A couple of the people I spoke with tracked me down later on and asked about specific use cases. In two cases, their were direct integration questions. For these two individuals, I put them in contact with @babygiraffe. We’ll have to wait and see if anything develops.

My presentation was on the following day. Each presentation room had about 75 chairs. I did not take a head count in my room (nerves), but it appeared to be about half full. One of the forum members was in the crowd, so hopefully he will jump on this thread and provide additional details. I don’t want to out him without permission ;)

I think the presentation went well. There was not a recording due to budgetary constraints with the conference. This being an open source conference, I made sure to highlight how the Dash project is able to succeed as an open source project. I highlighted the features that make Dash an attractive cryptocurrency for day to day transactions (merchant transactions). The basic outline was a follows.
  • Dash as an open source project
  • Features. What are they and how do they work.
    • InstantSend
    • PrivateSend
  • Incentivized Infrastructure. Masternodes and how they support the “better than bitcoin” features.
  • Dash treasury and Governance.
  • Dash Evolution
I want to thank the community for sending me to the conference. I hope to represent Dash at future conferences to help spread the work about why Dash is the ideal cryptocurrency for merchant adoption.
Thanks for the recap! I would not have guessed that blockchain was so hot in the open source community. In another conference I attended I felt that they all thought we were all pump and dumpers... although it was a conference focused on privacy (open source by definition), so maybe the crowd was less pro and more utopian.

Had I seen this post a couple hours ago I would have linked from the newsletter instead of one of your tweets :mad:
I was the guy in the room. :) Yeah, it was maybe 50 to 70% full. Namely because you were the very first that morning and fully one 3rd of the conference was still nursing hangovers after multiple corporate sponsored open bars the night before. And yes. Blockchain tech got full-track emphasis this year at All Things Open -- folks... this is a great conference. Recommend if you can attend next year.

You knocked it out of the park. Very professional and polished. People from HyperLedger, BitGo, Blockstream, and others, were in attendance, and... a lot of folks that never heard of Dash or had but weren't overly familiar. The QnA session towards the end was great! There were some softballs, but many were much more probing (and some rather technical). People were genuinely interested. I particularly liked the question from the Dashstream guy that asked "Why don't you just improve Bitcoin through the BIP process?" -- HA! Yeah. Actually a good question to hear responded to in front of such an audience.

Side note. I went to the Bitcoin meetup that night since it just happened to fall on the same day. Folks were talking about Dash there and I encouraged them to give it a closer look.

Good job and excellent to meet a fellow member of the Dash world.