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ALFAcashier.com - exchange Bitcoin/ETH/XRP/Tether/Stellar/PerfectMoney/etc

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Dear ALFAcashier users!

We are glad to inform you that ALFAcashier has fully resumed its operation after a temporary suspension of exchange operations involving Bitcoin and Tether. This was a forced security measure taken in the wake of a hard fork in the Bitcoin network 1-08-2017.

Today, ALFAcashier offers 10 cryptocurrencies, 9 of the most popular payment systems and 8 fiat currencies for exchange.
The full list is available here: https://www.alfacashier.com/

Should you have any questions, please contact us via https://www.alfacashier.com/support page.
Thank you for being with us.

ALFAcashier team.

400 000 orders processed!

ALFAcashier has been providing its services and actively growing on the exchange currency market since 2012. We've accomplished a lot since then thanks to you, and we'd like to share our success with you:

- 400 000 orders processed
- Over 7600 positive reviews received
- Over 135 000 registered users
- Our partners have earned over $90 000

400 000! This number is an important milestone for our team. It means that you trust us and keep coming back. This allows our future customers to be confident in the seriousness of our intentions and tells us that we are in demand, useful, and necessary.

We'd like to thank all of our customers for choosing us!

We promise to continue delighting you with best exchange rates, instant exchanges, and an excellent service.

Always yours,
ALFAcashier team.
Do you support Dash?

Dash is listed on their website...I have never used them and am not vouching for them.

I am also curious what kinds of services are available to U.S. residents. I also ran across this post from Alfacashier from about 2 weeks ago:


Unfortunately, we teprorarily suspended the issuing cards at the moment.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

ALFAcashier team.

Here is the source:


Dear friends!

Today we're pleased to announce that ALFAcashier now supports Bitcoin Cash.

When performing exchanges involving BCH, ALFAcashier provides instantaneous automatic exchange for a fixed rate as always.

→ Buy Bitcoin Cash for USD, EUR, RUB, eCurrency and cryptoсurrency: https://www.alfacashier.com/buy/bitcoincash
→ Sell Bitcoin Cash for USD, EUR, RUB, eCurrency and cryptoсurrency: https://www.alfacashier.com/sell/bitcoincash
→ Auto exchange Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin / Litecoin / Ethereum: https://www.alfacashier.com/auto-exchange

Should you have any questions, please contact us via https://www.alfacashier.com/support page.

ALFAcashier team.
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ALFAcashier has been providing exchange services for electronic and crypto-currency for more than 5 years (since 2012). Today we would like to announce that we've paid over $100'000 to our partners through our affiliate program.

ALFAcashier Affiliate Program - stable earnings on the exchange of electronic currencies and cryptocurrency. All you have to do to start making money is get your affiliate link and share it with your friends or community.
JOIN affiliate program NOW!

Earn money with ALFAcashier!

Always yours,
ALFAcashier team.

ALFAtop.me is a modern service for top-up mobile phones using cryptocurrency!

ALFAtop.me is:
- Instant refill for mobile phones anywhere in the world
- Anonymous payments
- Top-up using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
- Available in 156 countries and supports more than 750 world's largest mobile phone operators
- Responsive Support

Use ALFAtop to top-up mobile phone accounts for friends and relatives across the world.

ALFAcashier team.
"Anywhere in the world"

Really? It works in the U.S.A. now??? Excellent!

In actuality, I doubt very much that your product works in the U.S.A.

Please stop saying "Anywhere in the world".
Nice, it even supports China! I signed up and got up to the payment page but Dash is not available for payment. Is this going to be added soon?

Dear users!

Unfortunately all exchange directions involving Visa/MasterCard are temporarily not available for Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Algeria, Morocco residents due technical reasons.

We're working on resolving the situation.
If you have any questions, please contact our support: https://www.alfacashier.com/support

ALFAcashier team.

Dear friends!

Only 3 days - Incredible 25% discount on all exchange directions at ALFAcashier!

Enjoy 25% discount on exchange commission on all exchange directions from 24-11-2017 to 26-11-2017 at ALFAcashier!

Best wishes,
ALFAcashier team.
Cyber Monday 2017 at ALFAcashier: one more day of massive discount!

We've decided to extend Black Friday 25% discount until 27/11/2017 23:59 (GMT +3)!

Enjoy the last day of 25% discount on fees on ALL exchange directions at ALFAcashier!

Best wishes,
ALFAcashier team.

Finally, we've got our hands to implement API (Application Programming Interface) system on ALFAcashier in order to automate routine tasks.

API allows you to integrate exchange on your website directly, so your customers could exchange various currencies straight on your website without visiting ALFAcashier.com!

Some more information about API you can find here: www.alfacashier.com/developers

That's a long awaited feature requested by many customers of our site, so please go on and test it.
We'd love to get some feedback about new API feature from you here: https://www.alfacashier.com/support
Thank you!

ALFAcashier team.
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