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AgroCognitive powered by DASH digital cash

May-30-2018 Project Updates

Hi Dash community, this week we worked with UpDrone team for a information-collecting process of images, coming soon we will show you news in the field.

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A very interesting meeting where some technical issues of great importance were detailed to successfully carry out the first tests of the project. In UPDRONE we are sure that it will be a contribution without presedentes for the agroindustrial sector.
May 31 - Project Updates

We already have the AgroCognitive Web app UX map. Next monday UX Lead and Visual Designer will began to design UX templates & navigation model.

Jun 05 - Project Updates

Hi community, As you know, AgroCognitive was unfunded for June month, however we post our last project's budget controlling dashboard.

As you can see, some expense accounts have not been executed, particularly purchases related to Software and subscription to IBM Watson services.
  • Software: We are waiting for the arrival at our offices of the equipment where the software will be installed. When they arrive they make the purchase online
  • IBM Watson: we have completed the forms and signed the ESA contracts in order to subscribe the service under a modality that will allow us to resell the knowledge acquired by AgroCognitive. This process is slow and we depend on IBM to complete the process and make this purchase
There are others Consulting Expenses that depends on some pending deliverables, Telephone & internet expenses that depends on office's new internet instalation works in progress.
Any questions, we are ready to answer. Follow our pre-proposal post to know new AgroCognitive's roadmap announcement. Thank you!

Jun 11 - Project Updates

Hello, everyone!

Last Thursday we were talking about AgroCognitive with students of Computer Engineer of the Simón Bolívar University. We talked about how Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into agriculture with a project like ours, and how Dash can be an accelerator for the acceptance of the project in the sector.

We are glad to receive not only feedback from our final clients, but also from the technical side.

Our partners from UpDrone joined us that day. They even made an exhibition flight with a small drone! :)

Here you can see some of the experience
Hi everyone!

AgroCognitive's team have been working despite not receiving funds from our latest proposal (May 2018 cycle). We had re-scheduled our project plan expecting we can receive funds again in August 2018 (we will post our proposal back for the next cycle of July).

Due to these changes, the new AgroCognitive's (Stage 1) GO LIVE date has been moved to November 1, 2018. Attached you can see our new plan (activities blue colored are the only ones we don't stop in order to keep a progress in time using private funds).

We also update AgroCognitive's project roadmap infographics in original post thread!

Thank you for your continued support of this project

New AgroCognitive's Project Plan (moved GO LIVE date)
AgroCognitive new Proposal is LIVE!

Thank you Dash Community for supporting us!
Now our proposal for Aug 2018 month is waiting for MNO's votes!!!

Want to vote for us?
Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole):

gobject vote-many cebf75316f05c0400c17f0d069bb23da7bd6e1536653a3f291282f5580e4b167 funding yes

Via dashcentral

Thank you for your support!
July 10 - Project Updates

Hello, everyone!

We are proud to announce last friday (July 6) we did a kick off meeting with SOCA PORTUGESA's farmers (meaning in spanish "Sociedad de Agricultores de Caña de Azucar de Portuguesa"). This meeting marks the beginning of the drone's taking photos process to feed (and to train) AgroCognitive's cognitive engine. We explained the advantages of DASH as our payment platform and they were very receptive, until the point that they are already asking us for advice so that we can train them in the use of wallets!

We will be monitoring 1000 hectares of sugarcane crops working with farmers, agronomists and owners of sugar mills.

AgroCognitive's team presentation

Reviewing crop's maps

Visiting new crop field to be monitored

July 11 - Project Updates

Hello, everyone!
Our team is working hard to get ready to go to Portuguesa state again and begin crop's photographics trainning for AgroCognitive analytics engine. Today we received Prof. Luisa Elena Molina (geophafer and PhD in agro-food chains from Universidad de Los Andes - Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences) who give us key cartographic and hydrological information to be load in our database, also shared some security measures we should take and how to get involved with the local community and merchants.


July 24 - Project Updates

Hello, everyone!
We are proud to announce our partners @Cryptolifex reached the first stage of integration with AgroCogntive DASH payment engine. UX sketch and back-end core is enabled to call AgroCognitive's API to process its customer's orders payments. Next some screens:


Aug 8 - Project Updates

Hello, everyone!

AgroCognitive team continues the developing/training of its analytical engine (based on artificial intelligence / machine learning) in several sugarcane plantations at Portuguesa State (Venezuela), every 15 days our team must visit and monitor 300 hectares of crops through a photographic taking with drones and technical data collect.

At each visit, with the photos, an digital ortho-mosaic is built and the information on diseases, water stress and lack of nutrition is mapped throughout all the crops.

With us, the agronomists, managers and agricultural personnel of the SOCA farm participate, with whom we are working to define the training strategy on the use of DASH to pay AgroCognitive.

We still continue working to advance (as much as our private funds allows) in this project where Dash Ventures is co-owner.

At this time we have no proposal in Dashcentral, however, for those who wish to donate funds for AgroCognitive can do so at DashDonates site
Thank you for supporting us!
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Aug 23 - Project Updates

Hello, everyone!

AgroCognitive team published this video to show community how is going our work with farmers leveraging data and crop's pictures at Portuguesa State (Venezuela) thanks to SOCA's (Sugar Cane Farmers Association) partnership.

Thank you for your support!
Aug 29 - Project Updates

Hello, everyone!

AgroCognitive project began this week its first meetup with entrepreneurs and sugar cane’s customers. This people uses molasses to elaborate granolas, food and alcohol. They got our train about crypto currencies and how to download wallet and use Dash to send and receive payments.

Now they know how to pay to sugar plants (where sugar cane is ground) to get raw material !

Sep 10 - Project Updates

Hello, everyone!

AgroCognitive project held its second meetup with entrepreneurs and sugar cane’s customers in Acarigua, Portuguesa State. This people uses molasses and sugar to elaborate cakes, beverages and tipical deserts.

They got our training about crypto currencies and how to download wallet and use Dash to send and receive payments.

This month we will be launching our next proposal: AgroCognitive sugar route adoption!

Sep 26 - Project Updates

Hi community,

AgroCognitive team is proud to announce some news and updates:

We have made a great effort to move forward, even not having the funds for its full development, and therefore we have decided to monetize AgroCognitive (AC) with the services that we are ready to offer without waiting to have our artificial intelligence engine fully trained.

With our allies of UPDRONE who have build a new brand fixed-wing drones with solar panels, multispectral camera and light sensor, we could offer a wide range of autonomy and speed to photograph large areas of crops and pre-processing images faster (which lowers the costs to the end customer, but if their crop is small, we have rotary wing drones to provide the service)

The first AC pre-launch meeting will be in Acarigua, Portuguesa State, at the headquarters of our first SOCA PORTUGUESA customer and we will have the participation of members of the agribusiness sector, entrepreneurs and distillers of liquors / rum. There we will present the AC service, how it is contracted and we will present DASH as our payment system.

We will have an exhibition area where the participants can ask questions and we will help them to download the wallets and teach them to pay with Dash.

If our next dash central proposal is approved in the October 2018 cycle, we can use giveaways and have some suppliers that can offer products for the farmer (fertilizers, etc.) and the non-profit organization FUNDACAÑA can receive donations, to encourage and materialize DASH use in the ecosystem of the sugarcane route that we are opening

This infography show AgroCognitive full pack of services

This one show pre-relase scope for November 2018

We are happy to achieve this project stage and show the community results!
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Dec 5 - Project Updates

Hi everyone.
We are very proud to announce that AgroCognitive started its Sugarcane Route!

During November's last week we started our events series to launch AgroCognitive's pre-release version: Crop's Analytics services.

In this opportunity we were in the Portuguesa State, at SOCAPORTUGUESA (grouping of farmers) offices giving our talk on AgroCognitive: Digital transformation of agribusiness, Dash and other cryptocurrencies. 12 wallets were downloaded!



We also moved to farm LAS ACACIAS (close to a small town called Payara in Portuguesa State) where we met with a group of sugar cane farmers and perform the same talk. In this opportunity they could not download Dash wallets (in the middle of cane fields there is no way to have an internet connection!), But we schedule a next meeting in a room in the city with internet access to make the downloads and giveaways.



We will keep you updated with next AgroCognitive Sugarcane Route and it final pre-release to customer!

If you would like to support AgroCognitive and help DASH insert in food chain in Venezuela, you could go to MEGA DASH RAFFLE fundraising platfom to by a benefit raffle paying in dash and may be, you can be the next big prize winner!