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WTS A5, D3 - october and november batches - discount!

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D3 miner by Bitmain Technologies - price is decreased for DASH.ORG forum (just mark in Email you come from forum):
€1,999.00 / 1 unit, w/o PSU - for october (ETA 20.10), 2 pcs left
€1,699.00 / 1 unit, w/o PSU - for november, 6 pcs left
A5 miner by Innosilicone - price is decreased:
€6,999.00 / 1 unit, w/o PSU - for late october, 2 pcs left
PRE-ORDERS, bank transfer payment (optional - cryptocurrency), delivery guarantee
[email protected]
delivery in Netherland, after we ship in 1 business day with DHL/UPS/TNT service worldwide
@HardwareBros Why you are not replying since days? but posting here still new "Offers"
So more and more it seems that other Posts about Hardwarebros.com is SCAM are true!! So now itś on you to proove that you are real!!
Answer to my Mails, send me tracking Number of my Order, show Photos with your Miners...
Hardware Bros -- where are you ???
i have bought 4 miners from you = no one answers my emails
where are my miners -- they should be here by now -- nothing from your emails back to me --- please refund all money or the police will be knocking at your door !!!
Not open for further replies.