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  • I have bought 4 miners from them also ... no one answers my emails
    see post i created "Hardware Bros - where is our equipment ??" and lets get something happening !!
    Hello, I plan to go to Rotterdam next week and ask for help from Rotterdam Police. If you are able to give me some info about your order and you contact info so I could give it to RPD.
    I already get refound on paypal its too much miss information from few people that I write whit hardwarebross I think its 80% scam or they are too lazy to update hardwarebross com. web page
    Hi You order from hardwarebross com. web site? I also order today using paypal. Did You get any confirmation of You purchase? I send them mesage coz after sucesfull pay didn t get any confirmation and order history is emtpy they respond saying they have confirmed my paypal payment but order history is still empty can You share whit me You story ?
    Hi, yes had ordered one D3 from them. As I wanted also a PSU (APW3) which was not available on the Page, I asked in Chat if I can get it. They confirmed, and stated it need to be added manually. Got a "pro forma" and paid then the sum with BTC. A day later I asked if everything is ok, as I dont see the transaction history, like you. That was confirmed...
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