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A small vision towards the future of DASH


The Banks, since their creation, have governed the financial system, have changed the course of entire nations, have created economic catastrophes with a global impact, taking everyone who relied on their support before them. They have manipulated the fate of hundreds of millions of dollars at their convenience and it is undeniable that they continue to govern the current financial system.

But this is changing, just as this financial empire was rejoicing at the misery of millions of people, a new way of exchanging value emerges, a decentralized way based on chain blocks and cryptographic principles. Nothing to worry about right? They should have thought better ...

Bitcoin as the first crypto currency, begins to rise and begins the greatest financial revolution of all time, which opens the door to the emergence of thousands of crypts, creating a financial system where people are able to issue their own money, a system financial built on a chain of blocks and based on the principles of cryptography. As it progressed, bitcoin was losing sight of its main objective.

DASH emerges in this financial revolution and decides to rescue and preserve the original principles of bitcoin, decides to break schemes and implement a system of decentralized governance, becoming the first DAO with a GDBB in the world. Innovation in technological development, gives DASH unique characteristics over any other crypto, characteristic as InstantSent that allows any user to make transactions worldwide in a matter of seconds, in addition to this, another feature that highlights DASH is the PrivateSent, where transactions are totally private, this, together with the low cost per transaction, makes DASH the ideal Crypto for ideal life use cases, allowing merchants to adopt this payment system that DASH represents, which facilitates operations and get a greater number of sales, as a great plus, allows traders to start in the world of the international market at a very low cost. But it goes much further, alliances with Alt360 make DASH undoubtedly one of the most potential crypts in the world.

Its decentralized treasury system has shown great success and currently there is no other organization representing some crypto with more experience in this field. In fact, many other crypto have been given the task of recent days, copy this system of decentralized treasury and self-government for the development of their projects. One more point that indicates that DASH is on the right track.

Many large JPMorgan corporations have taken steps to eradicate this revolution, likewise, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are added by banning advertising on criptodivisass, and although it is true that these decisions together with the downward move of the stock market have affected a little the price of crypto, has not been enough to damage this new financial technological trend.

Each day each crypto develops more and more innovative projects, each day they become stronger and every day new crypto emerge with new functionalities.

And although we still need to unify visions, DASH certainly has a promising future, the development of Evolution to facilitate its use, the creation of sub DAOs, the development of numerous projects by external users and MNOs, the implementation of projects that are execution and others that are to come, along with the proper promotion work of both organizations and leaders of communities dedicated to this and without losing sight of the main principle of DECENTRALIZATION and UNION with other leaders, make DASH get comfortable on a rocket in a countdown to the point of its takeoff.

It's just an opinion piece, regards,