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A communication to Dash Management

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@Ryan Taylor @kot @tungfa please tag Ernesto, Glenn, Bob and Dana

So the MNs have been discussing the issues with DCG and communication for some time, most importantly toward Masternodes and also toward the broader community. I have been saying this for at least 2-3 years and has been asked numerous times during Dash Core quarterly's. @Ryan Taylor response is usually "yes this is something we have identified and something we will fix". This same message has been repeated time and time again, yet here we are and the attitudes and actions of DCG execs have not changed. This is solely aimed at the DCG executive team, NOT at the developers or core staff who are flat out coding and laying out the groundwork for Dash Platform.

The general "perception" is that DCG exec team live in their ivory tower and drip feed MNOs and the community information as they see fit. If we need information, we need to formally engage and they will answer only if they see fit. Only positive information is allowed to be discussed and nothing negative should ever be mentioned. When criticized the same old excuse of "its not my responsibility to communicate" or "there isnt enough budget" for a communication resource has gone on long enough. Most of it though is that DCG exec team seem to think its not important to involve key investors (MNOs) and the wider community and we will simply be there when beckoned.

Having a formal quarterly call is NOT enough to keep the investors and communities engaged and morale high. The DCG exec team is the heart and soul of Dash and I hate to see the passion and soul being sucked out by the silence and elitism of DCG execs. DCG Exec's need to lead by example, keep investors up to date (especially MNOs), build community relationships and build excitement around Dash. The executive team is a public facing role. Exec's are not coding all day long. Time needs to be given to engage MNOs, social channels and the community. At this point MNOs have ZERO idea what most of the Dash exec team does, let alone who they are as people.
  • Bob should be out there talking tech in the community, showing instantsend and chainlocks power, proving that Dash Platform i.e. DAPI tech is a game changer to other investors, projects and CxOs etc.
  • The CMO should be out there drumming up hype and talking hackathons and incentivizing upcoming events, building relationships and spreading the message far and wide.
  • Dana as the product owner of Platform should be talking with the community to help them understand whats coming, how things work and drumming up excitement.
  • Glenn should be showing the power of the DAO and talking finances and how Dash has the DIF etc etc
  • Robert should be talking testnet with MNOs/community and how the environments are going etc.
  • Ernesto working with the community to build support for upcoming announcements and engage with partners or businesses who may want to integrate with Dash
  • Ryan needs to be inspiring and rallying the troops and keeping morale high within ALL facets of the project. Ryan has only 7k twitter followers compared to an average of 80-300k for most crypto CxOs and has only started posting more as of late.
We are on the verge of releasing a multi billion dollar, best in class platform and the CxOs are nowhere to be seen. There is currently more respect for @strophy and @Quantum Explorer (who is in Discord almost everyday) than the Dash exec team. You can feel their passion for dash when they talk and it resonates within the community. They genuinely help people and you can tell they want to get to know the community and you wouldn't even know they were DCG, except for the information they feed us. For this they earn my respect.

In order to break down this wall, the Dash Exec team imo need to: (And I know you are all busy with things)
1) Join discord, and other social channels, Twitter, Reddit etc. The discord communities are now merged to make us stronger than ever. Genuinely get to know people in there and build relationships. Yes the first few weeks WILL be hard because there is such a chasm between community members, MNOs and DCG execs that there are going to be many questions and criticisms. But guess what, answer all the questions, then suddenly there will be no more because everyone is on the same page and you will end up like Strophy and Quantum where it can be banter and humor along with other discussions that need happen, and I am sure it will relieve them of being the front people for DCG. Don't see it as a chore - see it as you getting to know the people who support your work!
2) Give more information to the MNOs - we need to have more information as we have invested and have the most at risk. Our voting is dependent on what you see in the field, what strategies are working and what doesn't. We can work together to form a stronger bond to vote smarter and faster.
3) Don't be afraid to say when things are going wrong. Communication is the key to building trust. Working through issues and identifying patterns and allowing MNOs to be visible to this is critical. Some MNOs have access or skills that could help solve an issue. Clearly things haven't been going so smoothly but staying silent only puts fuel on the fire for speculation and Chinese whispers.
4) If DCG dont have enough resources then remove the arbitrary 60% cap and get the issues FIXED. The MNOs will support DCG for more money.
5) Add more as you see fit...........

Lets change this now. Lets not have this same issue come up every quarterly. Lets all work together to get passionate, build morale and show the world Dash Platform. The tech is really there and its second to NONE, I have used it and its awesome....it just needs the missing pieces to fall into place and these bits are just as important as the tech itself.
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I agree with everything that is being said here. It really wouldn't be that much of an effort to show off all of the various aspects of Dash, and this could lead to a swagger from Dash that we haven't had before. Literally every aspect of the executive team has a unique Dash feature to sing the praises of. I will watch for the reaction from the team, but thanks @Stealth923 for starting this conversation.
Agree with the general sentiment described in this post by @Stealth923. The wall of silence between DCG (MGT) and the MNOs affects the project. More informal communication by the DCG CxO level, as well as the developers would be very much appreciated.

If you don't get or keep the MNO network excited about what is being built, by keeping them well informed and educated on Dash Platform, then it's going to be so much harder for all of us to promote Dash Platform when it's released.

It would be good for the community's spirit and confidence level to see the DCG CxO level and developers active in our Dash Discord to just have a chat with us and answer some questions informally. It's always exciting to hear the developers talk about Dash Core and/or Dash Platform.
Any CEO with Ryan's track record would have been fired years ago, but since Ryan is safely bundled with the developers he is untouchable and has no motivation to do anything. I blame the MNO's for letting this idiotic status quo persist.

Simple: Put a proposal to split Ryan's budget from the developers and suddenly Ryan will have to start appearing, communicating and cracking the whip at the other invisible (lazy?) execs.

No company in the world can survive with an untouchable CEO. This is so obvious!

Steadily slipping into oblivion and the MNO's do nothing?
I agree with everything said, especially the part about communicating when things aren't going well. This is part of being transparent, it will build trust and respect within the community.
Apple Computer had an AMAZING, DYNAMIC CEO named Steve Jobs whom people practically worshipped. But Apple Computer struggled in the market against boring MicroSoft with CEO Bill Gates, who probably has Aspergers, for a long time. What started Apple on its meteoric rise was the release of the iPhone. We are in a similar situation. We need to get Evo MVP out the door to gain mindshare and marketshare.

Anyone who saw the last quarterly call and is still complaining about RT or DCG is either a bad actor or has a conflict of interest IMHO.
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