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I saw this on the reddit a while ago but I lost it and forgot the name, glad to see it here. I will definitely buy from it!
Bought some silver, processing the order was a tad slow (about 3 days) but it arrived as advertised and the support is phenomenal overall I'm very happy with my experience.
I have used them twice now.

Their processing time is a bit longer than what I am used to (APMEX) but the overall experience was great.

First order was small using LTC and the second order was larger using a traditional payment.

The second order took longer.

I have decided to blame it on the fact that I didn't use a cryptocurrency to pay that time ;)
If it's not too confidential, could you tell us how long the delivery takes from Amagi to your address? This information will help us to provide better services for you.
Our deliveries are 10-25 days from Turkey to US (which is processed in 1 business day), yet we are seeking a reliable vendor in your area for even better delivery times.
Part of their response " We offer several different Cryptocurrencys as payment methods, Darkcoin is one of those.
During check out just click on the Other Cryptocurrencies (LTC, DOGE, DRK, etc.) option in the payment information stage.
Though we would love to advertise our overwhelming support for all alternative currencies, there's a limit to the amount of logos we can fit on our page and still have it look good.
If you want a European supplier of shiny that accepts DRK, I have used www.bitgild.com several times with no issues. Next working day delivery and very good prices, you don't get stiffed for paying in crypto. Not had to pay any import thievery so far either.
Placed my first order with amagimetals 22 days ago and still waiting. Order has been in "processing" status since the purchase date. I've contacted them several times and they always reply with "there is sometimes a delay" but do not provide an eta. This all makes me nervous.