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WTS 915 Dash to Sell - Bitcoin, Money Orders, Cash in Mail

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Hi, I have 915DASH to Sell for USD,EUR - through Bitcoin, Money Orders or Cash in Mail.

1. If you're sending cash in mail - always go through priority (registered) mail, requiring signature. This way both parties would be able to track the progress;
2. I am located in the EU, so keep that in mind when communicating. Time zone is GMT +2;
3. I charge at least 5%, depending on the amount, but minimum 5$/eur/gbp depending on your local currency;
4. I always keep the status of any order updated.

NB: Never inform post office employees (doesn't matter from which country) that you're sending cash!
Also - if you have sent money through regular (non-registered) mail, I bear no responsibility if it gets lost or stolen. Regular mail could take up to 7 weeks.
Time is of the essence so it is your choice.



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Ok I am brand new to crypto. I did manage to create a dash wallet and even found my 3 addresses that came with it. I don't have a paypal account and don't want one been there done that and it was cumbersome.

That is an address if we can figure out a way to get you my US fiat I would like to buy 10 Dash coins. Can I send you a check or postal money order? I have looked at exchanges and they look confusing. If you were in I would just give you or anyone else cash direct.
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Trade details:
Cash By Mail between hugep3n15 and MN Man

Status: Cash Sent in Mail By buyer MN Man
Amount: TBD
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