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2nd Tier Lite Nodes

What about MN's will give to other users fractional voting rights as service and will get paid for it by voting users itself with some additional fee? I mean, we have instantX, why not AllUsersCollateralVotingX or something like that?
Hey guys! Here is Evan's comment about Fractional voting as a service. I guess I will be waiting DashDrive then)

"I do like the idea, but I'm scared of the amount of memory it would take due to the fact that all nodes must keep track of every vote on the system. When we have 3500 nodes voting, it's only a small amount of memory. However, when we include all of the users, perhaps millions eventually, we will need to store that in a much better way. Maybe Dashdrive could eventually play a role in storing the budget information, I think that would make what you're saying possible. So, it's a good idea, I'll keep it in mind. Maybe we can do something like this in the long term."
Hey guys, I didn't have time today to post, but I want to apologize for arguing so much. In a way, this hit me like going against my religion, LOL. I can get to be a Pit Bull Dog about some things. And I want to say I really appreciate a lot of your point of views, even if not this one :tongue: and I hope I didn't just give a back-handed apology - I just want you to know, this one comes down to economic theory, and I don't think anything has been tested out to the extent to ever have been proven 100% So I'll try to just say my 2 cents more respectfully, and hope you don't shut me out in other areas, because this is only one area of the project, and I do appreciate you guys!

Heated debates are good. They move things forward. I don't have a problem with that and I can take some heat. I'm no stranger to having minority views and going against the crowd. We should all try to apply critical thinking without fearing what others may or may not say. World would be a much better place if we could all do that.

I hear what you say, and have to admit some people had visceral reactions to certain key words like inclusion and stopped thinking straight. :) They've made up their mind when reading few key words and instantly put it on the kill list without trying to have a cool headed discussion on the topic.

In the spirit of what I've said above, I'd have to disagree with you and say this not about economic theory at all. :D If you think it is, please share your thoughts on why do you think that is because you haven't.

Actually...this might be about economic theory in a sense because there is a demand coming from people who want cheap access to masternodes. ;) Market will have to adjust accordingly and provide for this need. Litenodes would be just that. The market providing for a consumer need. I know some offer shared node hosting services but that's centralized and presents few problems as discussed in previous posts.

About the voting part; I never argued about equal voting for everyone, 1 vote regardless if you own a masternode or a litenode. Now that would have been communist. I've argued for fractional voting. Each gets to vote based on how much skin they have in the game.
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I have found this site http://bitcoinocracy.com/ but I don't understand how is it protected against sybil attack? I mean each person can vote with his money, then he(she) can move it to another address and vote again with the same money.