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Nick Tucker

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Our Mission:

Our proposal is to make Atlanta Georgia a Dash-friendly city. This will be done through training the community, pushing merchant adoption, and introducing Dash to the colleges and universities here in Atlanta. In addition, the media products we create will be globally accessible, introducing Dash to the world in a way that has never been done before.

Why Atlanta?

ATL is becoming the blockchain capital of the world and Dash is nowhere to be seen. No current meetups, no advertising, no consulting, no training, and no merchant adoption. The Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy wants to be the one-stop shop for all of this, and introduce Dash to the growing and diverse crypto community in this “city too busy to hate.”

Dash is currency for people who want to live free. This captures the spirit of so many people in Atlanta. The Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy is already established as the go-to place for crypto education, socializing, and networking. It relies on sponsorship from within the industry and is seeking a diverse group.

We chose the name “Bitcoin” not because the Embassy represents the “maximalist” position but rather because this is the most recognizable name in the space. The Embassy is all about reaching people, and the Bitcoin name does this best of all for now.

That said, the ethos of the Embassy is about choice in currency, choice in assets, and security of property. Dash, with its innovative governance structure and agility as a money, fits beautifully within our mission. This is why our Vault Logic ATM, located right in our office, can distribute Dash daily.

Our Request:

We are requesting 65 Dash per month for 3 months (August 2018 - October 2018) to accomplish our goals and bring Dash to Atlanta. Requesting a total budget of 195 Dash.

ROI For Dash:
  • 10 new merchants accepting Dash

  • Opening of at least 600 wallets in Atlanta

  • 3 large-scale Dash events held in Atlanta.

  • Dash video series from one of the best short filmmakers in the business, hired at a bargain rate.

  • Pushing Dash awareness and benefits to Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy visitors (at least 500 people per month).

  • The top screen of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy’s ATM will advertise and push the purchase of DASH.

  • 24/7 1-on-1 training and consulting on Dash topics through the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy consultant network.

  • Free office space for Dash ambassadors that visit Atlanta.

  • Dash promoted as a sponsor of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy

  • Dash Swag in the Bitcoin Embassy for the community of Atlanta to become familiar.

  • Dash branding on Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy website.
Dash Atlanta Meetups
  1. August - Blockchain overview and Dash 101 at the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy
  2. September - How and why to use Dash in your business at the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy
  3. October - Blockchain overview and Dash 101 at a local university (Georgia Tech, Emory, or Georgia State).
Dash Budget

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 10.32.40 AM.png
Hello, again. While there's a little bit more left open this month, it's still going to be a rough and very competitive one as Dash Core Group is still building up their reserves and will continue to ask for ~50% of the budget until they've reached sufficient funding. Once that occurs--or the cryptocurrency market shoots up again, whichever comes first--projects like yours should have no trouble. Just be advised about the budget situation.