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MPOS 25% larger reward at mining.darkcointalk.org



Mining.DarkcoinTalk.org is now rewarding miners with 25% more income for the next 100 blocks found by the pool.

Live Now.

If a block is found worth 10 the reward for all of you mining will be 12.5 Darkcoin.

The reason we are doing this, is because DarkcoinTalk is involved for the
long haul. We believe that Darkcoin will be just as important as
Bitcoin. (maybe even more) The pool helps pay for the server costs of
the forums. We do need support to keep adding new features and to constantly improve this site as well as others under the same name.

We are hoping that after the reward, you will stay mining at our pool
and make it your primary. Mine with a pool that is giving back and helping Darkcoin, not a pool only made to make the operator money.

We encourage you to register immediately to set up your workers and get everything set up. Thank you for mining with us. We'll make this currency global and as well known as Bitcoin.

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Yes, as announced on the mining.darkcointalk.org site, at the same time as the 25% reward scheme the transaction fee will be reduced to 0.01 DRK!
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Just found the first block with the 25% bonus. Block Number 72056. May 21, 2014 at 12:20AM EDT. All miners should see bonus immediately.
Been getting orphaned for a while now. Is it because of the issues with the hardfork? What can be done?
Also, bear in mind the Contact Us form isn't working. When I try to send a message, it fails.