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2015 darkcoin wallet


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I've an old darkcoin wallet from 2015, I doubt there's anything at all on it, I vaguely remember dowloading it. I've seen one or two old threads about checking the wallet but just wanted to clarify I'm doing it right. I also seem to have some wallets from 2018 for some reason.

I replaced the new wallet.dat file in the dashcore directory with the old one, after that I'm unsure...I monitor the files and dashcore seems to change the date of the wallet. dat file from 2015 to 2021, I looked on another thread and they said just tools...wallet repair...rescan blockchain files?



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Yes, you can load the wallet file like you have already done, and run a rescan. You should be using Dash Core Let it sync and the balance at the end the current balance of the addresses associated with the keys contained in your wallet file. Good luck!
You may need to do a -reindex with such an old wallet and an already existing dashcore directory / blockchain, as Dash hardforked a few times since 2015.