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$20 DASH for Every Viewer Who Helps Someone Open #FirstDashWallet

I have not a facebook or a twitter account.
Is it possible to post my picture here?


Tuesday 13th seems unlucky to me.
Better extend the offer at least until Wednesday 14th.
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Is it maybe possible to send my picture to amanda only, and not all the rest to be able to see it? In that case can I receive the 20$? Maybe @amanda_b_johnson can answer this, as long as she set the rules.

Why amanda you choose to expose people's face, instead of asking them to send you a picture in privacy? Are you afraid that the MNOs will stop supporting you, if you go the private way?

"If You're Not Paying for the product, You're The Product" @UdjinM6 said once to me. Is this the case here? Are all these exposed faces the real product? Give me your face, let me show your Dash supporting face to the others and to the whole internet, and you will get 20$. This is how much your face costs. Amanda is already selling her face, so she does not consider the selling of a face as a nuisance. But not everyone thinks like amanda.
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Tuesday 13th seems unlucky to me.
Better extend the offer at least until Wednesday 14th.
She extended the offer.

Too many people from the third world fall into @amanda_b_johnson 's trap.
Instead of demanding a universal dividend, they became amanda's beggars.

Freedom is not for everybody, most of the people prefer slavery from freedom.
Thats why many people prefered to become the slaves of the Masternodes instead of joining a universal dividend cryptocurrency and become free.
No wonder why. They are already slaves of the current world bank monetary system.
They are accustomed to slavery, so searching for another master is considered normal for them.

Or maybe their need for survival transformed them into beggars/slaves.
Whatever it is, this list of beggars that amanda created is a sad picture.

having said that, let me now apply for another 20$ , for amanda's second round.

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It is interesting to watch the statistics of this party.

This is how life works. Multiplication causes mutation, and mutation is the reason of evolution. And if you continue to evolve, someday you may become intelligent. It is the try and error method. Life evolved from the stupid amoeba to the intelligent human in this exact way.

On the other hand, if you give voting rights to all those ignorants, it will cause an initial chaos. Dash evolves towards an hierarchical masters/slaves model. The masternodes will be the masters, and all those ignorants will be their slaves.

But beware. NOT the one who has too many slaves, always win the battle. Look at the history, and at the battle of salamis.
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By the way let me remind here in this thread, what I have proposed a long long time ago, and what @amanda_b_johnson voted on it. And what is she doing right now? Almost exactly what I have said. I order and she executes. She is delayed a little bit when I order, but I forgive her...:p

This is just a question.
Universal Dividend means that everyone who owns a dashcoin wallet, he gets a basic income just for beeing a member of the community. This basic income could be from 0 dashcoins to total_dashcoins/members, and this could be a subject to vote.
In order to give a basic income, of course a Web of Trust is needed. Because we have to distinguish dash members that are real persons, and not alternative accounts.
So what do you think about it?
I am talking about Dash, not dashcoin, please forgive my typo in the title.

And let me also remind what @crowning answered to me

Besides this, I could hire loads of Chinese people cheaply (I have friends there) to prove individuality for my hundreds of wallets I would create.

o_O:confused: Is it possible that he hired Nigerians and Colombians (instead of Chinese) in amanda's dividend campaign? I hope not.
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