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1st "WHO AM I?" DarkSend+ testnet game: 2 DS+ rounds.


Three of Nine
Let's try to find out how DS+ performs.

yidakee just recieved 4444.44444444 tDRK on testnet.
This is his addres: http://test.explorer.darkcoin.qa/address/msyfd8gBFQuNoKf2deUvTEGpQeDZzXz5uR
This is the transaction: http://test.explorer.darkcoin.qa/tx/f36b53a7b9a5bf768bc3eae06ac57ad2d22e768425efaadf3ee79c66dcb72c97

Who finds out the sending address(es)/account?

Rules: If you post an address here also always include the number of steps/clicks you needed to get to the address.

If anyone is up to the task, it would be chaeplin ! I'm too damn lazy to click on all these transactions and addresses :wink:
Hint I was able to de-anon myself on 3rd level. Look out for huge inputs.

Will post the solution tomorrow. But in general I'm very impressed.
Anyone? Just one guess!

If you guess an address, there are 4 possible hits:
  1. You find my main address and de-anonymized me. Jackpot!
  2. You find any of my change or denomination addresses. You are on the right track, but didnt find me yet. Look further.
  3. You find any existing address which I don't even know exists. You are confused by the darksend+ coinjoin and on the wrong path.
  4. You find the old darksend colleteral fee address. This is a bug-to-be-fixed. Ignore that address.

Good luck.
So, you're saying you can follow where the coins came from?
No. I can folow the coins because I know where they come from. I want to you dig through the blockchain and find out how good darksend+ is working.

I can tell you I'm very impressed and I didn't know darksend+ is really working that good. The recent rewrite seems to be the breakthrough.

I will publish my reverse lookup results tonight if nobody wants to guess.
No. I can folow the coins because I know where they come from. I want to you dig through the blockchain and find out how good darksend+ is working.

I can tell you I'm very impressed and I didn't know darksend+ is really working that good. The recent rewrite seems to be the breakthrough.

I will publish my reverse lookup results tonight if nobody wants to guess.

You can follow them so does that mean you know where they end up?
You can follow them so does that mean you know where they end up?
No. I can follow the coins because I know both the sender and the reciever.

All my coins went through 2-4 masternodes which mixed inputs of several accounts and these coins went into several new DS+ transactions. You can't neither find out who is the sender nor who is the reciever of the coins. The coinjoin is working well. I will try to increase the masternode rounds of my wallet for the next round.

If anyone is really interested in this, you should really take the time and dig through the blockchain. That thread is just giving you an opportunity. I'm totally impressed, DS+ working! Other solutions just use centralized approaches are never fulfill their promises. Hell, this is just working!
I'm glad to hear that. I'm sorry vertoe, but I can't concentrate that hard, literally, LOL. It would hurt! On this I must trust others, LOL, or see it simply written out as account a, b, c, from 1, 2, 3 and that takes all my concentration, LOL.

I also don't have coding skills to do it for me :p Sorry for being no help / not game!
minimal anonymization phase == darksend+ by 2 masternode(darksend+ by 2 masternode), isn't it ?

We already know what looks like denomination + darksend(RC3).
Can you tell who sends even in RC3 ?

So I will not try.
My main recieving addresses. That's me! If you find one of these addresses you identified vertoe as the sender!
* n1r5ibhWq8FcnhNELB9pzLvU8yEuUNMvgE
* mxpwdTLCa8rnZodXZtB5XNrTLfARZiyD17
* mxanUimrftSKede57PkdAPm1XDY9byHbeN
* mkGh55DHQ1VcDXdoEymMEj4uGWMzcwzvGL
My denomination and change addresses. That could be me, but you never have a real connection to me.
* mtRWhLuXmqYR2tfk9bdERHFEbjDRd8EnoD
* n4XC9hmzVDyWHVUqECqkYbE2CxHCywJx4M
* mn1Jq7YsBLReHSsD9zeo4c4TsuhFBHHY7j
* mot7bS9XzpnB5Egwyx7u6VsEhhKZWRNZLG
* mi4GW9so3H7yPeSfbbGYWcEQrU4hLDPdXU
* mo2PvcsyH6pH4UiXEcr8kRLY2W6ShrsH8k
* mgrt8oPYtVhM23ySmEreAYyTaYU85axYuF
* n2SvA3aSTGsnwEc7sAyigQPWXnPsesELM4
* msYsLH7CyiJTmsCz7tvWjQGBgTcAHbH5iN
* n12e1xHuWppCfsUANhSPHvApVKmRScxwxv
* n3ESxUxduSxDmH6h4YQBsfbvDDvGsfQag5
* mphB8LNkEdc3F3y8JjReoe4bbD1ArShhXG
* mzZq9syhBtXaAgGk1k3zTkWoSVNwNysaZK
* mxDoK5tXzgf5VHqAxQLVWpta2EBbCtE1GE
* n2LfVuQm8cjSqXu817dPPRurQstYw9D9Z3
* mj2kvkF4TMFtqRhbDtBk6i92FMMo1KqmU5

Some guesses. I only trace back addresses which I know I hold them.
---> First level. These addresses must belong to me because they appear in the transaction as sender and change addresses.
* mot7bS9XzpnB5Egwyx7u6VsEhhKZWRNZLG (Change: obvious, to my change address)
* mj2kvkF4TMFtqRhbDtBk6i92FMMo1KqmU5 (Sender: obvious, from my denomination address)
---> Second level. These addresses appear in the input transactions on 1st level and might be related the me. Let's have a look.
* mxd6FF4YT4MrUaAScW9HcPYgysg1iJb7bm (unknown address, not me!)
* mzZq9syhBtXaAgGk1k3zTkWoSVNwNysaZK (denomination address, but not main, continue ...)
* mvZseMYVtffAkcPES6HUtaAgkG3XV1McGr (unknown address, not me!)
* mv8UjpoejkHE7mzu3ycvh8vK2ncHPLwAXR (unknown address, not me!)
* mra9yKVHhyyPQvcyqUnzbUahVUw8UZ5bzW (unknown address, not me!)
* n1N8V8m74dHCj8y5AVsgf2Fqf4WaPQJNVE (unknown address, not me!)
* mz1jgurnFc3fm3ae8utVgvVKskHk7osebh (unknown address, not me!)
* mxQhAXcwo7RW6Lf34gbmqtZkFEZuxamiyz (unknown address, not me!)
* mmAnfyjQEewUUQo2q7Rae58LAVe671wFmk (unknown address, not me!)
* n3v4GGAKvfzJRnB6o7JfNNEjmrfiY7EFZa (unknown address, not me!)
* n13irsN8GZRGhZsM2nnW24MUYLsBTvtV7S (unknown address, not me!)
* n12e1xHuWppCfsUANhSPHvApVKmRScxwxv (denomination address, but not main, continue ...)
* msYsLH7CyiJTmsCz7tvWjQGBgTcAHbH5iN (denomination address, but not main, continue ...)
* mphB8LNkEdc3F3y8JjReoe4bbD1ArShhXG (denomination address, but not main, continue ...)
* mspb3PSuNGvnp281uDV9kbwk7wFvSvb6pe (unknown address, not me!)
* mzR4es8CkAHxdAUDvU6oMSgVesE6aiAb5Y (unknown address, not me!)
* n4c3vUaCwp2PnmmgnFm664u4TqVmiF6fHx (unknown address, not me!)

---> Third level. From this point I can only continue because I know which addresses I hold. I use the 6 known change and denomination addresses from above. (A third party wont be able to do this and has in addition to check the unknown addresses too, which will cause a huge overhead and might mislead to wrong inputs.)
* muqFjdh1S3eWro6KQ6yRX7zQSKqVubCHkf (this address is the darksend collateral fee address and will be ingored, it's not me!)
* mt5nvSFLLGDDtPF9hXTrMfAQWPeHucv8dZ (unknown address, not me!)
* mmBeTmGt3otnw9PXcGGYUhGEitVRnTp4ra (unknown address, not me!)
* n2WHpbJ7hX7NbW8wZk19jUYHgzy78jBB7g (unknown address, not me!)
* mrfjh5pc888J3evvD1W6Hj88EukcXh1uWp (unknown address, not me!)
* mn1Jq7YsBLReHSsD9zeo4c4TsuhFBHHY7j (denomination address, but not main, continue ...)
* mh9MhYEdsu1y73aLZzhZWjR1g6NAHvGAD7 (unknown address, not me!)
* mxb2CuQMnRUoBZnqbu8Y1w9czaL89542QT (unknown address, not me!)
* mi4GW9so3H7yPeSfbbGYWcEQrU4hLDPdXU (denomination address, but not main, continue ...)
* mziNxdedKB4enLjSxPiYiCLgWqBCpxdbmF (unknown address, not me!)
* n3WSgqFJ1QJKdToCLhhSMRSMskFCERr6ts (unknown address, not me!)
* mxmecQuNXo87cNk9uirkAPh6eshy69pENX (unknown address, not me!)
* mvGW4NG99nYctpji5bpzqGPcCwt82tUy4C (unknown address, not me!)
* mm7eAu8nHBYfeo7nMAwxUXG3euFYYskDaK (unknown address, not me!)
* n4XC9hmzVDyWHVUqECqkYbE2CxHCywJx4M (denomination address, but not main, continue ...)
* n2LfVuQm8cjSqXu817dPPRurQstYw9D9Z3 (denomination address, but not main, continue ...)
* mkGh55DHQ1VcDXdoEymMEj4uGWMzcwzvGL (bingo! that's vertoe! stopping here.)
* n1r5ibhWq8FcnhNELB9pzLvU8yEuUNMvgE (bingo! that's vertoe! stopping here.)

That's a transaction I did using DS+ and non-DS+ inputs! Stupid me!
* 1d4ca6643eeca57bbb15e720a66ea7c44a3cdf6dc52129fb0bc46ddd7abad3f9

Perfect. I hold 5 main account addresses and 16 denomination/change addresses. By scanning the blockchain 3 levels up, I came across 37 addresses in a couple of dozen transactions. 26/37 addresses are mixed inputs from other wallets and not belonging to me (completely unknown to me!). 8/37 addresses are my denomination/change addresses and can not directly be linked with me easily (Only I know that I own them). 2/37 addresses (both in same transaction) where my main account addresses and these finally enabled me to de-anonymize myself after going 3 levels up. (1/37 is the darksend colleteral fee address.)

I only was able to de-anonymize this transaction because of two facts:
* A stupid mistake to mix DS+ and non-DS+ inputs in one transaction recently. This is not bypassing the denominations but linking denomination/change addresses with my main account addresses. If you ever tend to mix this, DON'T!
* I know my main, denom and change addresses. A third party might end up with the wrong input following the wrong paths through the blockchain.

I'm really curious what Kristov Atlas will say about DarkSend+. I'm totally convinced. This is the first seen decentralized working coinjoin implementation. Good times ahead. Can't wait for RC4 in August.
I find this ( http://test.explorer.darkcoin.qa/tx/bd3050f0424cf6511e0afb8c8fb2eee7e8665871b2280d8bd08a9082a214d284 ) transaction to be rather interesting. mj2kvkF4TMFtqRhbDtBk6i92FMMo1KqmU5 is used as both an input AND an output in the same denominate, which seems to defeat part of the point in denominating if the coins don't move.

The other thing I noticed is that I'm a little disappointed that it only uses one output address per user in a denominate. This allows you to easily identify how many users are in each denomination, and would be very useful analyzing the blockchain, as you are able to know that the outputs addresses in denominates are not related, which could help eliminate possibilities elsewhere, as addresses continue to get reused.
Btw, the winner is nj47 who found my main address:
He was able to do that due to a flaw in the denomination process of the client which was recently fixed in testing release.

I will start a new game tonight using the latest wallet version and 9 darksendrounds in config. Stay tuned.