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1st Conference Dash Coasts of Aragua, Venezuela

1st Conference Dash Coasts of Aragua

Basic Concepts. Cryptocurrencies, Commerce and Tourism.


Last Tuesday three (03) of July 2018, in the Population of Choroni EDO Aragua Venezuela, the 1st conferency Dash Coasts of Aragua, where they framed the Tuja Bay Populations - Cepe Bay - Chuao Bay, took place and Choroni to publicize the use and responsible handling of cryptocurrencies in Dash - Digital Money and other Cryptocurrencies for Entrepreneurs.



It was dictated first by the leader of Dash Coasts of Aragua (Ysidro Valero) explaining how he met Dash, how Dash arrives at these beautiful Coasts and closing with the knowledge of the creation of the Inner Currency of Chuao "Seeds of Cocoa" then, I express the Coordinator of the Dash Communities in Venezuela (Alexis Lugo) where I clearly explain the development of money in the world and how, through its evolution, we can apply it in our day-to-day operations plus the technological functioning of the Cryptocurrencies and finally closing this Interactive Conversation, one of the Leaders of Dash Maracay (Jose Da Silva) complementing the themes to satisfy the doubts of our guests.


The work of Dash Costs of Aragua was direct, going personally to the Big Businesses, delivering the physical invitation for the assistance of these people to the Conversatory, going through all the Coasts of Cocoa (Chuao - Cepe - Tuja) that is why most of the Attendees in this talk shop had not downloaded their Wallet, this being the reason why the use of giveway was not requested, but nevertheless, the way to use it was explained by demonstrating the speed of the transaction in the practice among leaders.



Two days after the Discussion, we have 15 downloaded Wallets in the Choroni Population, 12 enthusiastic Businesses in adapting the responsible use of Cryptocurrencies in Dash and 8 registered in Cryptoplaces VE.



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