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100x free Dash T-shirts & Dash mascotte, Dublin's (1st) Dash only merch shop - Proposal Suggestion

Please vote, if you would like to see any of the proposals to happen.

  • 1) 100x Free Dash T-shirts

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • 2a) I would like to see a stone pickup poin established in Dublin

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2b) I would like to see Dash merch online shop

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


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Hey Dash-ers :),

I would like to make a proposal for a small project, which can potentially have 2 parts, but all 2 parts are independent to each other. The actual proposal would be only for the part/s with positive feedback.

1) 100x Free T-shirts

This part of the project is very simple, but there is some work behind. I found already some online shops where we can buy T-shirts with Dash logo. However, I didn't find any shops, which are accepting Dash, or only digital currency (well, we want to spread and support crypto-currency, right? :)
I also found some threads, where we were voting for the best Dash logo, etc.
This would also allow us to interact with the crypto-currency on a physical level at least a little bit, so we would have our "Dash something" to cuddle with :D

The idea is to make 100x "Dash T-shirts" of whatever logo/s we would pick (e.g, the winner on this forum), or if the 2nd part of the proposal will have some likes, we can make in this project limited edition with Dash Mascot & Logo of course :)
Another part of this proposal is, that these 100 T-shirts will be "free" and paid from the chain as a part of the project - I mean, how many of us would buy Dash T-Shirt for EUR/USD20-30+ to "spread the word"?
T-shirts would be printed here in Dublin at "Reads dot ie" (I think I cannot send link yet) and shipping worldwide is included. This is a very good company, with top level equipment and I do have an experience with them on professional level.

T-shirts would be send to first 100 ppl who would drop me their address to my Dash wallet (or whatever way this would be announced. I can also receive those addresses from any devs, from Amanda's YT comments, etc.
If needed, I would provide (not publicly) list of recipients + I believe you can give some feedback as well ;)

The cost for this part would be ~100Dash, where I'm counting that each T-shirt including my labor, postage, envelopes would be ~E25 (depends on the design size, etc.) + looking after the shipping, etc. would eat some of my free time.

Pickup Point/ Online Shop
As a separate project - I would be able to establish a pickup point in the city center of Dublin (Mary Street), where future merch could be purchased for Dash.

2b) If you would like the T-Shirt/Merch idea, I would be able to source a proper merch and other products online shop, where the only accepted payment would be Dash ;)

This would need to discussed, if the community would be interested into online shop, or/and stone pickup "Dash point". I understand, that there wont be many people visiting this place, but I think we are at the beginning "and we would have a spot in the center of Dublin" :)

Please note, that the main proposal would be for the "100x Free T-shirts". But I want to show you, that I'm not making this proposal to make some "easy profit". I do have a genuine interest to help Dash to grow, but of course, I cannot do it for free. I hope, that you would like the "T-shirts" idea and we will continue with another batch after this 100 soon (with different logo, etc.)

Thank you all for your time! I'm also open to any suggestions, co-operations, etc.

(Had to scrap the mascot part originally in this proposal)

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