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0 fee Mining Pool


  • Nomp Stratum
  • No fee mining
  • Low TX fee (auto or manual) only 0.00001000 DRK drk (maybe more low in future,who knows?)
  • Minimum payout from 0.001 drk (maybe more low soon)
  • Pplns
  • Ddos Protection
  • Vardif and Static work share
  • Support always listen to miner.find me(ayruel) at https://darkcointalk.org/ or https://bitcointalk.org or at #darkcoin freenode
  • Our target is to support darkcoin foundation with bounty from this pool .
  • All server maintenance cost is coming from our trade and our mine

Join Us : http://dark.minerstation.com/
Getting started click here
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Wallet is updated
Version 90303
Protocol Version 70014
Wallet Version 60000
This code includes the following changes and improvements:
  • DGW3 - fixes all issues with various architectures
  • Magic numbers for Darkcoin messaging will be changed from Litecoins