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«Alex-ru studio» video production


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Hello, Dash community!

I’ve spent lots of efforts to promote DASH. And I start to receive offers to promote 3rd parties projects the same way. Sorry, I have to refuse those offers due to lack of time. But there is one element of PR that I really like and it became my hobby - it is video production.

So, I am ready to produce promo-videos for your projects on my conditions.

There are examples of my work (video editing, except writing scripts and voice-overs).

I can produce same or completely different promo-videos for your projects, relatively inexpensive. I am not a pro producer, but with good imagination. :)

Some rules:
1. To start the discussion - I need your script. I don’t write and don't edit scripts by myself (but I can criticize).
2. Prices and terms of payments are discussing individually.
3. Having the approved script and partial prepayment - I can organize all the rest, including buying additional materials, hiring additional specialists (voice talents, actors and so on).
4. I don’t produce video about «bad» things (things that I don’t like).
5. If Dash is mentioned in your video - you will get the discount. The more information about Dash in your video - the more discount!
6. If you pay me with Dash - discount 5%.
7. You can resell my services and earn money. :)

«Alex-ru studio» - video production
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too Alex and to everyone here! It's hard to imagine, but this upcoming year looks to be as exciting if not more exciting than the last two! Not sure my old heart can take it, but I'll be here regardless of the danger, LOL.

::hugs:: everyone!
You guys are awesome! Keep it up!

All I could say as far as criticism goes, its all really good, but you could use a little more "design" on your organization of the visuals, for example make the www.dash.og small and put it on the bottom right of every video so it only takes up 1/4 of the screen, will look more clean that way. But other than that you guys are awesome keep it up!

Oh and I hope we can work on more "social media oriented" content. So make some of these videos super high level and simplistic to understand.

Something like " Dash is the first privacy centric digital currency that is instant, private, secure, and most importantly decentralized." Find out how it may benefit your life @ www.dash.org

The only reason i saw that is because very few people re going to watch a video longer than 1 minute these days unless its some type of youtube video about makeup... so how do we catch the attention of those people? With a short video that has a very to the point concise message, and perhaps some good elevator music.

The What is Dash? is a great start in that direction. So is the song by Tante, which was hilarious lol. Turn that into some Vine clips girl!
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Dash is good, from both sides!
New addition for Dash video-bank will let you finalize your video in professional 3D ending.