Why Dash? A better money for a better world.

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Sep 19, 2014
Our new money will serve to help bring more balance between the rich and the poor, because the rich will not directly control it. It will not be subject to censorship by centralized authorities, telling us what we can and can’t buy with our new money.
Just like the fictional silliness of "bring balance to the Force;" this is very much undesirable. You always want it unballanced on the side of good.

To put it another way, be thankful for inequality. Without it, we would have already experienced the heat death of the universe.

The only other way to achieve equality is with extreme authoritarian violence. In which there is still the inherent inequality of the enforcers having a monopoly on violence.

You either want authoritarian violence, or you don't. "Equality" is the fake benevolence Trojan Horse used to justify it.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his wokeness...

Equality is not, never has been, and never will be; a good thing.

It's also an unachievable pipe dream of idiot snowflakes. That is, until the heat death of the universe... Do you really want that to get here sooner?
Our money of the future will also be more accessible. It will not discriminate in who will be able to use it and enjoy modern online banking and commerce methods.
DASH has already chosen to discriminate against all who are not extremist left-fringe woketards.​
Sorry @TaoOfSatoshi Your message is at odds with your ideology, again... The cognitive dissonance is blaring like klaxons...
Our new money will be secure, protected by military grade encryption right on your phone or computer.
What does that mean?

Is that like "Aircraft Grade Aluminum?" It sounds impressive to an idiot, but there's no such thing as a "grade" of encryption or Aluminum.

I'm pretty sure we can do better than military grade anything... Whatever that means... The only thinking that I know of that comes in military grade, is stupidity. And that's not necessarily related tot he military. As time trudges ever onward, I find myself surrounded by weapons grade stupid more and more...
Divulging personal information will not be required for us to use our new money, protecting us from centralized database breaches.
Except for your DashPay username, of course; which is cross-referenced to ever known piece of information there is about you, things you don't even know about you, including your most recent retina scan and DNA sample... PrivateSend is Dead. Long live PrivateSend!
In short, our new money will have the potential to increase quality of life, and make the world a better place.
Does that translate roughly to "tyranical communist utopia" perchance?

G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate
He explained something that I believe very much applies to Dash and how we are getting our message out there.
If you actually believe this is happening with DASH, you've got one hell of a steel-belted radial echo chamber going on...

I just kinda faded out after that, man... Your reality disconnect is getting worse...

You're right that "why" matters." But, you missed the boat. It doesn't matter anymore. Even if you're right about everything, nobody is going to hear your message now. Even if they do, they won't believe it. they'll just roll their eyes and write you off as just another sh!tco!n shill.

Why is best demonstrated than explained. Why is something you do not something you say. I tried to convey this notion several years ago, but all I got was deer-in-the-headlights and backstabbing.

You needed to strike while the iron was hot. Now the iron is cold, and your aim is so bad you only hit your thumb. Again.

Do you know what people get who pretend themselves benevolent while trying to make the world a better place by force (and pretending it won't come to that while being the ones planning to do that)?

They get what they deserve.

DASH created the insanity that shot it in the face. You don't exist anymore.
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Sep 19, 2014
"Better money", "money from the future" ... and Ryan Taylor (and now DASH NEWS echoing) saying that an OPTIMIZED ARBITRATION tool ... is DASH's key to eliminating volatility because it allows you to quickly enter and exit of the ecosystem (when it is EXACTLY the opposite, it will encourage more capital to be joined by speculative movements, precisely because of that, because it favors arbitration with its speed - the speculative movements that occur ... both downwards and upwards, will be amplified and will be even more volatile. - ).

Ignorance in the areas of project management is so enormous that it can only be believed when advertised. Absolutely incredible.

By the way, since they like to talk about BlackRock so much ... if any economist reads those statements, basing the solidity against DASH's volatility on a basis of arbitration, it would take them to withdraw their funds the same time as typing the number of Address phone number. With these statements you are simply stating that your monetary proposal does not have a reliable unit of account or a solid value reserve. The project's own dome gives them zero points out of ten. Anyway, as a say before ... if I don't see it, I don't believe it.

Meanwhile ... FACTOM, like so many other projects, launches its resources against volatility via multiple stable coins ... for the safety of its users in a large DEFI-oriented movement.


It may sound arrogant, but using the MAKER system - or a similar one, based on the creation of a stable coin backed by the main asset - who would have trouble competing with DASH would be BTC ... and not vice versa. On the contrary, after more than a year - I abandoned the project due to the unassuming delays of Evolution already in 2017 - demanding attention on this key point in DASH ... all I have received are DAO-financed trolls around, censorship arbitrary from the admin dept. of the two existing discords , ignorance and mediocrity... which makes clear the way in which this project is vitiating its entire structure parasitic and inbred , instead of improving it with talent, communication and self-criticism. A huge mistake, sterile , illogical and absolutely unfortunate.

@TaoOfSatoshi I write here because a ban ( unfair and tendentious ) of a week I have not been able to enter discord for more than a month ... and although I have already visited you several times by private message, without you doing anything to repair it ... what In addition to an intolerable censorship, it is a huge nuisance to meet my interests in DASH. I hope you can fix it as soon as possible. My nickname in DASH Nation discord is PURPELADO.
Artificial stablecoins are stupid.

You're right about everything else.

DASH is bankrupt soon anyway. It doesn't mater if they release Evolution right now. No one will work with them for a payments system. They just sit around getting high, waving their communist flags, and declaring victory where no one can hear them. They have nothing in the works to actually use InstantSend (which is a dumb name), and they've deleted PrivateSend. It's Litecoin with MasterNodes; but they aren't incentivized anymore. The whole thing is a welfare scam run by neo-Bolsheviks.

I used to be the biggest DASH Bull there was. But, they went full retard, squared. Extremist left-fringe political ideology permeates every detail of their thought process.

Then they get high...

They've disappeared up their own assholes several times over. They've perfected the art of self-delusion. DASH is waayyy past dead. It will finish it's death spiral soon enough. There's no other possible outcome at this point.

It's a shame to see the good people working on the coding side throwing their efforts away. I hope their resumes are updated...
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