Why are cryptocurrencies dropping?

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Dec 20, 2021
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The drop in cryptocurrency is influenced by many factors. Some of them can be listed, such as, the climbing environmental costs of cryptocurrency mining, and high volatility of the cryptocurrency prices. Furthermore, the extended period of risks that the retail and institutional investors suffer through can also be taken into account.
The prices of cryptocurrency are affected by a lot of factors. Some of these are:
Demand and supply
Production/mining cost of an asset
Legal or regulatory changes that affect the market
Exchange listings
Software updates in a block-chain
The uncertainty in the market is taking people off guard with every beat. How the cryptocurrency will revive, or whether it will revive or not, is also a big question. One thing is sure that stable assets like U.S.dollar are more reliable than any volatile currency in a crisis. A better asset management skill is becoming more and more necessary to guarantee an agreed return on the funds you have invested.
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