Welcome Marina Siradegyan - Communications Officer!


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Feb 13, 2016
Hello Dash Community!

Turnover in marketing and communications at DCG continues to be high, so this post is intended to mark a shift in approach to communications DCG towards increased transparency, accountability and participation with the community. Since marketing strategy is still being determined by the network, we want to communicate externally about Dash and its development as engagingly as possible. To that end, I am pleased to introduce Marina Siradegyan to the community as our new Communications Officer at DCG. I will work closely with Marina to help develop a content calendar to ensure regular external communication on DCG activities to the community on all our platforms. I’m also encouraging her to work with DMH to source content from the community, and she has a lot of great ideas for content and brings many years of crypto-native communications experience with her.

Keep an eye out for Marina on all Dash platforms (no pun intended) and help welcome her to the community!


Dash Core Group
Apr 26, 2022
Thanks Leon,
Hello everyone!
I'm so happy to join DCG and become part of the community :D

We put a lot of effort in Dash Platform. The last few months have really been tough for us in every sense. Lots of things have been changed and led us to the point where we are now.

The sad thing here, to be frank, is that there are still very few people who know about the forthcoming release and all its groundbreaking features. The good thing, however, is that from now on we'll be working on marketing the way Dash deserves.

Together with Leon, the team, and contributors, we'll create engaging, digestive content, initiate communication and deliver the most relevant information on the product's development. I will act as a bridge between the community and DCG across all our channels.

I will keep an eye on the forum, so feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, hopes and fears, and let's discuss them. We need to get rid of that feeling of disconnection, once and for all.
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