Wachsman PR - February 2018 Project Update


Dash Core Team
Foundation Member
Mar 17, 2015
Dear Community Members,

This is to share with you a report about the results of PR activities done with a support of our PR partners Wachsman PR in February 2018.

In Attachement 1 - Dash February 2018 News Clips.csv, you will find the comprehensive February Media Clips List, which contains 3,760 articles that either mentioned or featured the words "Dash" within the reporting period. As usual, some of these mentions are syndicated globally.
The total reach was 6.49 billion which reflects total impressions from outlet coverage over the month.

In Attachment 2 - Dash February 2018 Coverage Report.pdf, you will find the Dash Graphical Report, which contains a summary of our success during the reporting period. Slide 8 is a little difficult to read exact media hits per region, so we have provided the numbers of media placements by country below for your convenience.

Coverage by Country (during the month of February)
United States 2,019
Japan 415
Canada 101
Germany 198
Russia 76
Turkey 69
UK 65
Italy 61
India 49
France 49
Spain 45
Australia 44
China 41
Poland 26
Brazil 23
Netherlands 22
Ukraine 17
Slovakia 15
Austria 15
United Arab Emirates 14
Switzerland 14
Singapore 12
Mexico 12
Israel 12
Malaysia 11
Pakistan 10
Hungary 9
Nigeria 8
Argentina 7
Venezuela 7
New Zealand 6
Indonesia 6
Colombia 6
South Africa 5

Please see here for the regional breakdowns on coverage from February:
North America- 2132
LatAm- 47
EU- 709
MENA- 47
Africa- 20
APAC- 596
Total Reflected in the Cision Map- 3,551
(the remaining 209 articles in February's total are not geographically tagged/picked up by the tool, thus the slight discrepancy)

Please find a list of top outlets that posted Dash coverage in February:
1) Forbes (125 million unique viewers per month): What Does The Technology Roadmap Look Like For 2018?

2) Bloomberg (106 million unique viewers per month): A Bitcoin Conference Rented a Miami Strip Club—and Regrets

3) Bloomberg: Criminals May Ditch Bitcoin for Litecoin, Dash, Study Says

4) Investopedia (59 million unique viewers per month): Bitcoin Price Steady as Bank of England Exec Calls Cryptocurrency a Failure

5) IBT (17.3 million unique monthly viewers): Don’t Call Zcash A Privacy Coin, Cryptocurrency Founder Says