The way forward. Let's not talk about Dash


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Jul 12, 2015
Talking about instant payments and how we're better than bitcoin hasn't worked out so well. And we also allow everyone to walk all over with us with their "when evo?".

We must stop the old ways and we must stand up to those with podcasts who keep repeating the same old messages, falsely proclaiming their greatness about dash marketing. STOP THEM!

The way to beat this is for us to stop talking directly about dash the currency and all it's technical achievements. Not to say it don't deserve attention but these topics should be discussed when people are ready to learn more.

I think the best way to deal with newcomers is misdirection. This doesn't mean lies, it means changing the direction of conversation. Instead of talking about the currency and it's technical wonders, we should focus entirely on the mobile wallet experience.

Now that the mobile wallet has (finally) got external integrations, this should be our main focus. Let's accelerate those in-app integrations, the app that does everything; chat, shopping and super easy to use. I understand there is a move to make separate apps such as Dash Direct. And it seems chat will also be a separate app. But to get the most bang for our buck, instead of expending efforts on separate marketing campaigns per app, it makes more sense to have ONE app that does it all. No one wants so install multiple apps.