The Impact of Dash on the Latin American Economy


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Jul 15, 2014
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Is Latin America the continent most affected by constant economic changes? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It's known that in the economic sector of any country, there will always be changes that will positively or negatively influence its development. Some continents offer general economic stability, but in Latin American countries, the economy is very inconsistent. As such, the national currency of each one of them suffers constant devaluation. Some cases are out of the control of governments, and others are caused by them. Venezuela one of the countries most affected in South America.

In the last 20 years, the Bolívar, the national currency of Venezuela, has experienced significant fluctuations in its market value, and also in its denomination (Bolívar Fuerte, Bolívar Soberano). In recent years it's experienced quite a significant devaluation, and Venezuelan people have been forced by the country itself to look for different alternatives to survive and gain a better quality of life. For example, some of the people were forced to emigrate to other countries in America and the world. Those who didn't have income to emigrate, began to explore new ways to generate money from their home obtaining them through digital currencies...

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