The DARK community really pulled together.


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May 25, 2014
Hi All,
Wanted to say how impressed I was with everyone that contributed towards donations for Kristov's code review.
A big thanks to CoinzCoinzCoinz, Vertoe, Camo and anyone else that put in big donations. As well as everyone else who put in what they could afford. Kristov mentioned how impressed he was not only with the large amounts, but the number of smaller donations he received, which showed a very decentralised level of support.
I really am very proud to be part of this community.


I agree - we are doing a much better job as a community now then a few months ago! I'm really excited at the support Kristov has shown and really look forward to his analysis.

However as far as external development is concerned, it is an area darkcoin is severely lacking in.
I recently made a post (link in my signature) to be a discussion on how we can step up development of the infrastructure necessary to make true "ignition..." possible! There is a lack of people developing apps, libraries, and businesses around darkcoin. I would love to see this change and am trying to do whatever I can to change this.
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