Straight Outta Crypto - Happy birthday Dash

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Apr 9, 2014

Dash hasn’t been hanging around. In the last five years, it has lived up to its namesake and achieved everything from developing masternodes to humanitarian efforts and even a respectable market cap. It is now accepted at more than 4,000 merchants worldwide, you can buy it at 700 ATMs and get hold of it on 90 exchanges. But how did it get to be this ubiquitous?

It started on January 18, 2014, when Evan Duffield—an early Bitcoin adopter—took the code from Litecoin and forked the network to create Dash, making a few improvements as he did so. He changed the algorithm from SHA-256—which Bitcoin and Litecoin use—to the X11 algorithm, making it ASIC-resistant, which prevents more powerful computers mining all the coins. At launch, it was originally called Xcoin but this was changed to Darkcoin–due to a name conflict with a service that allows ..........
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May 31, 2020
I think we missed his sixth birthday. I love different holidays so much, especially birthday, that I am ready to celebrate even birthday of Dash, world’s 15th biggest cryptocurrency. Funny story, but my husband buys this cryptocurrency. And to please him, I bought him a gift basket for men, with chocolate and bottle of whisky. Although it was not a real holiday, he was very happy. I believe that there is nothing more important than to please your loved ones. Love and appreciate moments with them. And about Dash cryptocurrency, I want to congratulate it with birthday. So far, Dash meets our expectations and I hope in the future it will bring me and my husband benefits.
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