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Proposal: Promote Anonymous Dash Payments to 200,000 Hackers on YouTube!

Discussion in 'Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions' started by JerryBanfield, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. JerryBanfield

    JerryBanfield New Member

    Jan 9, 2017
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    Would you help me share Dash with 200,000+ YouTube viewers watching my hacking tutorials every month? Educating hackers about how to use Dash is the perfect opportunity to bring an audience interested in anonymity into our community! My 11 hacking videos at http://jerry.tips/2ikJATj have received 2.6+ million views in the last year with the average viewer watching 6+ minutes which gives me space to tell them about Dash!

    View the original post on https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Tell-The-Hackers

    How do I promote new videos on existing videos?

    When you approve this proposal, you will employ me each month to MAKE A NEW DASH TUTORIAL VIDEO AND to PROMOTE THAT VIDEO on each of my 11 hacking videos using annotations, cards, links in the description, and comments. I will begin by creating a video showing how and why to send money anonymously online with Dash and create a new video each month this is funded. Using each new video, I will create annotations and cards designed to send viewers to the new video. I will also add links in the description and comments to provide additional promotion of dash.org and other Dash websites! View the complete hacking video on desktop to see example annotations which are sending hundreds of visitors to my website every day at .

    What is the cost of this advertising compared to paying to show ads on YouTube?

    YouTube ads cost about $6 per thousand impressions (CPM) globally and about $50 CPM in the USA. To run a similar advertising campaign on YouTube would cost about $1,000 in ad spend to demographics comparable to my YouTube viewers without reliable targeting options. This proposal will reach an ideal hacking audience for 0.245 Dash per thousand people or about $3 rounded up with current Dash prices near $11. If you consider the cost of advertising plus the production of a new Dash tutorial video, I hope this proposal makes a great deal for everyone involved!

    Would you help me tell thousands of hackers every month about Dash by voting yes on this proposal and/or learn more by viewing these screenshots from my YouTube channel below? Vote manually with mnbudget vote-many c56df5c592937bf0c029dcf596357c14ce15c579ac533d7b04719d9b782a973c yes

    Here are the YouTube statistics for the 28 days of these videos from my YouTube channel. I just released a new video that has potential to bring the videos to 300,000+ a month within the next 3 months.



    See how these 11 videos over the last year even though many of them were made more recently than that!


    See the detailed views including views by video, traffic sources, and demographics over the last year for these videos to verify that these are ideal types of views coming from organic sources globally.





    Are these my videos yours or just a repost?
    • To create these videos, I paid Ermin thousands of dollars to film all of the videos in this playlist and to give me copyright. I then added my own parts of the videos and uploaded them to my YouTube channel which means these are my videos even though I do not narrate the majority of them.

    Will you be making more hacking videos and including those too?
    • Yes I am hoping to hire another freelancer to make more videos because Ermin now has become so successful thanks to these videos and the related courses I made with him that he is running his own business and making his own video course website. I hope to give another person the same opportunity Ermin received and am still collaborating with Ermin to offer all my video courses on this new website. On any new hacking videos for the six months of this proposal, I will feature Dash in the produced video.

    Why six months?
    • The six month time frame is dependable for predicting the number of views and gives me the motivation to do the extra work to set this up now with the hope that it will be funded for the remaining five months also. After six months, I will plan to make a new proposal given the current Dash price and state of my YouTube channel.

    Why take the time to submit this proposal?
    • With my own masternode, I have an investment in the future of Dash and would like to see more worldwide adoption of Dash. I love the community here even after my first proposal received a resounding NO vote and I hope to be a productive member here going forward. The primary work I do is teaching online and I would like to use this proposal as a case study to bring more people like you and me into the Dash community to help us all grow. When this proposal is voted in, I will be able to show all the steps I used to make it with the hope more people will submit their own proposals after seeing how mine was funded.

    Thank you for reading this! To make all of the time you spent here worth it, would you help me do this with a YES vote now?

    Jerry Banfield
  2. qwizzie

    qwizzie Well-known Member

    Aug 6, 2014
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    Voted no to the 6 month time frame
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  3. TroyDASH

    TroyDASH Well-known Member

    Jul 31, 2015
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    I appreciate your enthusiasm but I still feel like this is rather rushed with you being a brand new member of our community. I would be more comfortable supporting this if you already had some videos about cryptocurrency or Dash that we could see first. Also, more exposure is always good but I'm not sure if paying for an equivalent to YouTube ads to a non-crypto, non-payment-processing audience is a smart move right now. Have you considered just making a video first to see the reception it gets? If it does well then it would be good for you, your channel, and your masternode(s).

    It's not a particularly expensive proposal this time though so who knows, maybe the MNs will decide to throw some dash at it.
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  4. UdjinM6

    UdjinM6 Official Dash Dev
    Dash Core Team Moderator

    May 20, 2014
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    Well, to be fair @JerryBanfield is not new to crypto and he has few videos about crypto:

    He even mentioned Dash :cool:

    Agree, I would be more comfortable with smth done in 1 month first.

    Our current budget system is going to be replaced by the new one on 12.1 release which means all current budgets will soon be gone.
    Or masternoders can downvote it later anyway if 12.1 is not going to be adopted by network for some reason (hope this is not going to be the case :rolleyes:).
    (@JerryBanfield , I hope you are aware of such possibility - multi-months proposals can be canceled at any next month)

    Also, I like the enthusiasm which is quite rare these days ;) so I would rather give @JerryBanfield a chance actually with this attempt.
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  5. Dworf

    Dworf Member

    Jun 25, 2016
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    I voted 'yes' on this proposal because
    1. @JerryBanfield is really a communicator and has a good potential to promote DASH
    2. 49 DASH per month is not much compared to some other proposals
    3. if it does not work it can be stopped any month later with DASH
    I think that some voters were impressed by the outcome of previous proposal from Jerry too much. Hopefully they change their mind.
  6. demo

    demo Well-known Member

    Apr 23, 2016
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    Do you have any written specifications about the new budget system?
    If not, then which of these files is related to the new budget system?
    Ok...I see the *governance*.* files.
    This is where the new budget system resides?
    Or I have to search some other files too?
    #6 demo, Jan 12, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017

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