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Nov 28, 2016
Summary: Pacifica needs a little less than $3M to survive

So long story short: due to a lease issue, the studios of WBAI in New York city (and Pacifica affiliate), is facing bankruptcy due to a ~$2M unpaid lease on the Empire State radio tower. Due to legal entanglements (and perhaps questionable leadership) the WBAI liability puts the greater Pacifica network at risk.

This includes the World's first listener-supported radio station, Berkeley's KPFA 94.1FM, which has existed on the air continuously* since 1947 without any corporate support, started as a response to World War II as a voice for peace and has continued on since as a voice for the progressive and under-represented.

They need around $3M. The Pacifica network aligns with much of what the greater crypto-community stands behind: anti-corporate, personal sovereignty, equal voice for all, and a healthy distrust of centralized power structures. Their funding crisis presents a grand opportunity to show the world just what real-world impact crypto is capable of. Last month's proposals left that much un-created as there was nothing to vote on. Let's not let that happen again - why not use this power and make a bold statement by saving the World's premier grassroots network?

For over 3 years, I've been begging KPFA to add a Bitcoin/crypto donation address to their pledge pages (and I even set them up with a vanity account and offered the privkey to them, years ago) - as they have lots of international listeners who would would support via this manner - every pledge drive the same offer is made, only to hear nothing but crickets in response. We have an offer to be the change we want to see here, and make the first steps in bridging the gap.

Clearly they need help moving to this new era, we could be that bridge and save the day - this would pay off in tremendous goodwill. Thoughts?
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May 27, 2014
Sounds like they sealed their own fate.
There's lots of other good options for this type of content such as youtube channels.

Mike Crypto

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Jan 3, 2018
I think that a crowdfunding campaign would be a better option, something like Kickstarter, have their supporters save their studio, this will also prove that there is a following around it, and come back to Dash with a smaller proposal for some type of partnership.