Pre-proposal: Twitter Ads Campaign to Promote Dash Review


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Oct 6, 2017
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Proposal name: Dash-Review-Twitter-Advertisement-Campaign
Payment date: 2017-11-02
Payments: 1 payment
Payment address: [My address]
Payment amount: 10 DASH

Proposal body:

TL;DR: Spend 5 Dash on a Twitter ads campaign to promote a review of Dash

I maintain a blog on shitcoin-dot-com where I review blockchain products. My next review will be Dash. So far the review is positive.

The goals of the review are:
  1. Compile and install Dash from source-code
  2. Sync the full Dash blockchain
  3. Buy Dash and send it to the to full-node
  4. Install a mobile Dash wallet
  5. Send Dash to the mobile wallet
  6. Buy a product or service with Dash
  7. BONUS: Become a masternode
  8. BONUS: Vote in a proposal
  9. BONUS: Create a proposal
I'm nearly done with the goals, including 7 and 8. The last goal will be to create a proposal.

This proposal will spend 5 DASH on refunding my proposal fee and 5 DASH on running a Twitter campaign to promote the review. You should postpone voting until the review is published.

The Twitter ads campaign will promote a tweet that links to the review with a clickbait-y title
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Not part of the proposal:

The entire process, including posting this post, will be part of the review.

Here's part of the review draft:

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.06.34 AM.png


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Apr 9, 2014
isn't a paid "review' cheating ? :rolleyes: