Pre-proposal - Indie Publisher Regional Dash Market Outreach


Mar 11, 2017

I am going to start this with linking to the template which is still practically unusable for my Open Office Software, have published 5 books with the software, I should be able to use a template, I guess that is what you get with free Open Source, but I refuse to pay a subscription to Microsoft.

Who I am:
Michael Veloff, age 53, Galion OH 44833
English B.A. 2001 The Ohio State University Mansfield
Poet, writer, indie publisher, sometimes assume human form.

I started cold call selling as a newspaper delivery boy at the age of 13 and have done cold call sales for most of my life. I helped build the family hearing aid business with cold call sales in Ohio farm country, Symphonic Hearing Aid Centers, founded in 1985 and now run by my sister, Sonya Keller, M.A. CCC-A Audiologist at 1008 South Sandusky Ave, Bucyrus OH 44820 - 1 (800) 537-4327. I still provide my sister with IT support for all the programming computers and billing computer, even though my disability and student loans had forced me to fend for myself.

@TroyDASH Suggested I provide some metrics to get feedback on my proposal. Here is the skinny, I have a magazine in the can and ready, just needs to be printed as a softsell (llook it up, I am a soft sales cold caller) opener for the upcoming POS system. I've already mentioned my marketing abilities in previous threads, which I had to put on the back shelf until I got my student loans forgiven in November of last year.

Metrics on cold call soft sales cannot be measured by software, I sell myself and my Unique Selling Proposition, that I am a member in high regard of the community I grew up in and realizing that I don't have a sales kit, need a foot in the door opener to warm local businesses up for Dash POS. There is a large Dash ad on the back page thanking those that submitted writing or artwork to my self-published magazine and no other ads are, or will be in the magazine. If I have to resort to fiat crowdsale (which I would prefer not to do) there will be no further advertising in future issues.

If I do not receive any feedback on what I propose to do, I will take that as a sign that I should proceed with an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign and perhaps retry a a proposal at a later date, as I am a dedicated user and love the Dash community. Thank you for your time.
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