Pre-Proposal: "Block is Hot" Crypto-HipHop Mixer featuring DASH


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Aug 13, 2018
Hi DASH community, I am Hashbrown the rapper and CEO of teamHODL (Crypto Rap group, can't post links yet). We are going to throw a Crypto and HipHop mixer in Oakland, CA Sept. 9th 2018 and are looking to secure a sponsor. We are reaching out to DASH first because we feel our interests are closely aligned and the DASH pay system is perfect for at event crypto sales.

Want to post our proposal here first to get feedback, thanks crypto fam!

Event: Block is Hot
Date: Monthly starting Sept. 9th 2018
Time: 3-8pm
Location: Au Lounge
2430 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612


Block is Hot is a monthly mixer that aims to decentralize knowledge of blockchain technology through using HipHop culture as the educational medium. Hosted by teamHODL (San Francisco based Crypto Rap group) this event will provide a space that educates the diverse Bay Area artist community (music, fine art, dancers, crafters, clothing, food vendors, poets, etc.) about blockchain technology and adoption. Each event will have guest artists of various disciplines, a blockchain industry speaker, and will incorporate local vendors all of whom will be educated and partially paid (½ of payment) in cryptocurrency.

Target Audience:

Coming from the local artist and blockchain community, we have noticed a shortage in events that promotes the integration and collaboration between both scenes. Artists have long been early adopters of cutting edge of technology, while being historically underpaid by legacy institutions. On the other hand, blockchain (tech) culture is often well-funded and intentioned but can fail to connect with the common person. By creating an event that bridges these two communities, we can encourage a symbiotic growth and adoption of both.

Point of Acceptance:

Artists and vendors at Block is Hot will be paid (½ of payment) in DASH, creating a wallet and joining the DASH network. They will also be educated on the implementation of DASH payments and encouraged to accept them at the event, organically promoting and growing network usage.

Project Deliverables:

The event will be documented in photos and video featuring the DASH brand and will also create an active “Block is Hot” Telegram community that engages and educates members about blockchain technology and usage, as well as promotion for future events.

Project Schedule:

Block Is Hot is a monthly event that will span for 3 months on these dates: September 9th 2018, October 14th 2018 and November 11th 2018.

Total: 44.767 DASH ($7,500) per month for 134.301 DASH total ($22,500)

Local Artists (2.985 DASH x 5) 14.92 DASH ($2500)
Industry Speaker 2.985 DASH ($500)
Event Space Rental 5.969 DASH ($1,000)
Paid Volunteer (.597 DASH x 2) 1.194 DASH ($200)
Food Vendor 1.79 DASH (300)
Project Management 11.939 DASH ($2,000)

Sound System/ Engineer 2.985 DASH ($500)
Photographer/ Videographer 2.985 DASH ($500)

About Us:

teamHODL are pioneers of Crypto Rap. Their music video “Lambo Land” has over 140,000 views on YouTube and has earned them features in publications such as Business Insider and BBC World Service Programme.

Guled Muse is a Cultural Organizer with deep roots in the Bay Area Music community and has coordinated events such as Skate with Beats and Not 4 Sale which highlights the Bay Area Instrumental HipHop scene.



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Jan 4, 2016
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Price make sense wish you luck, I will recommend adding some samples of your work, screenshots or others embedded on the proposal.