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Do you want to see a Darkcoin themed hot sauce?

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Sep 15, 2014
Harrisburg, PA
Hey guys, I run both PexPeppers and Dr. Peck's Bees ! use the code DRKNESS for 10% off. i dont have much in stock as far as hot sauce, but I do have plenty of RAW HONEY also, I am in the middle of a move that is why I do not have much hot sauce available, but the coupon code is good for life. some of you may know me from dogecoin (check out the to the moon sauce) and other places.
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Mar 10, 2015
I grow hydroponic peppers--Craig's Grande, Arbol, Pequin, Ring-o-Fire, unknown heirloom Jalapeno that's almost black until ripen to bright red, orange habanero, serano

I have a few others I've grown too hydroponically, but started to get ready for outdoor season here.

I'm honestly afraid to buy your Carolina Reaper seeds. My wife makes hot sauce from my peppers and it's quite spicy but I don't know if I could handle one.

What are your suggestions on use of Carolina Reeper? I hear it's hot. Dave's insanity sauce is too spicy for me.

Also, this potentially could be grown in a yard where a small dog might be able to get hold of one--what's the danger alert on that?

I've been eyeing your peppers for some time now.