Now anyone can buy DASH from virtually any point inside Brazil

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Mar 31, 2017
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Recently, CoinBR (a brazilian Exchange) announced that anyone in Brazil now can buy Dash easily through bank deposit in one of the most popular banks in the country. Everyone that has acess to what it´s called a “lottery house” (a popular place to bet in government´s lottery and that also provide some banking services) will be able to deposit fiat money in CoinBR´s account and receive DASH in it´s Dash wallet inside the plataform. This is a huge step toward mass adoption of Dash in Brazil because of the wide spread of this places all over the country. This means that right now we have more than 13.000 (thirteen thousand) places in wich brazilians can buy Dash!

Now, what our community should focus on is to invest all of it´s efforts in a crypto education Dash-oriented in this country in a way that all this banking structure results in a real exponential growth of Dash in this area of the globe. Brazil is the 5th biggest country in the world it´s been coming out of a great recession caused by corruption and bad administration issues that are been corrected much more slower than it´s population wants. On the other hand, this bad scenario creates a positive environment for the “crypto philosophy” in terms of spreading the word of economical freedom in general and also creates interest in specifc themes as how to avoid inflation and the loss of power of fiat money to create and sustain wealth.

The growing and enthusiastic Dash community in Brazil welcomes this initiative as very positive and believes it will open the doors to Dash in many places all over the country. We long to see the results of this in the near future but we are conscious that all of us must unite efforts in financial education in our country in a way that our people may be able to see that Dash´s Blockchain is a much better way to trade value and prosper than what they have acess in the actual financial system.
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