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Mar 9, 2014
Hi All,

I am hoping that this can be a sticky of proposal voting information based on how the DAO matures. Please feel free to add your own thoughts and opinions so that we can continue to evolve:

1) We need to enforce escrow + milestone based payments for larger > $50-100k+ (maybe this number can be discussed) proposals every single time from now on. We have Dash Core, Green, InstantKarmafund now as a start. This will open up a new industry within the DAO network and at the same time build trust and have a higher success rate of projects. We can no longer afford to go on witch hunts with people not delivering or run off with our Dash.

2) NO more Shrem / Lamassu style integration proposals where they say they will "get" payza or xyz company to integrate Dash.....skip the middle man, get Payza or xyz company to submit the proposal themselves so we can hold the actual business accountable and not some random middle man who can run and hide..

3) If a proposal has big gaps of information which are obvious and filled with marketing fluff which promises dreams, then its too good to be true. Proposals should have all major solution components detailed from commercial, security, compliance, solution specification, deliverable, risks and challenges and reporting obligations all detailed. We as MNOs should not have to continuously coach proposal owners how to detail or deliver a project. Maybe we need a proposal template which is easier to fill out, or an online based form as part of the submission process that wont let you submit unless these fields have information included. If the proposal owner doesn't know how to detail whats required to deliver a solution or a project then they shouldn't be asking for money as you most likely will never deliver.

4) Identity checks on all proposals to ensure that the intended proposal owner is actually who they say they are. They can confirm this via twitter, business website, linkedin etc.

5) What experience has the proposal owner have in the field they are wanting to deliver a project, have they done something similar for other customers and are wanting to do the same with Dash, this should give a very quick confidence factor if they can deliver successfully or not.

If we tighten up our voting and proposal requirements, the proposal owners will have no choice to comply and ensure projects are drivers to a high standard.
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Oct 5, 2017
Thats the way we can resolve a lot of our scaling problem as a DAO. Just the idea of a template is a big step forward. Clear parameters to submit and evaluate proposal would reduce a lot of the imbroglios and misunderstanding we often have. The only point I have a little different view of is the last one. I think we need to keep an open mind and give chances to people to experiment, take risks and drawing conclusions in the process. August is a good exemple. We are the first DAO in existence, we have the chance to open new trails with innovatives ideas.
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